A Letter to Wish Birth Anniversary to Son

A son’s birthday is the most important occasion to celebrate for the parents. The homecoming of a child enlightens the world of parents and fills their life with joy and laughter. To become a parent to a son can be pretty entertaining. Send this wish to show your love to him. 

A Letter to Wish Birth Anniversary to Son

Dear  [name of Son], 

Today is your birthday and I am so overwhelmed that you are growing up so fast. Yet it makes me sad as well that you will no longer be my honey bunny cutie pie whom I can hold in my arms and plant a thousand of kisses. I still remember the day when you entered this world, your twinkling eyes, little hands and feet just drove us mad.

I remember those sleepless nights which have paid off today as you are so grown up. You are the gem of my eyes and I am sure you will grow up to be a sweet and lovely person. 

I still remember the day when you spoke your first word. The first walk of yours had left me awestruck. And how can I forget your first word and it had to be “Mom”. Though your dad hates this fact yet it had to be one which is destined. You are the apple pie of our eyes. I can still recall your first reaction on eating a sweet candy and the bright face that you made and pleaded me for many more candies.

Those were the golden days and I wish they come back again. My darling baby, you always make my day as having you is the most wonderful feeling ever which cannot be explained through mere words. 

Roses are red, sky is blue and my dear love I will always love you. 

Yours lovingly

(Your name)

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