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A Letter to Wish 75th Birth Anniversary to Brother

Diamond Jubilee is that time in a person’s life in which everything that is achievable is done. Now, the person requires unconditional love without any judgement. Your brother’s 75th birth anniversary can be the best time to let him know how important his wellness means to you.

A Letter to Wish 75th Birth Anniversary to Brother

Dear (name of brother),

Many many happy returns of the day my OLD BUDDY!

When I day ‘many happy returns of the day’, I truly mean that I want you to be healthy and happy for many more years to come. It is true that we have grown old and have become less energetic than before. But that cannot hinder our desire to celebrate birthdays with pomp and glitter. I wish I could have been with you right now, but situation is not allowing me the opportunity to fulfil my wish. So, I take the help of my words to make your birthday memorable.

As our age difference is not too much, we have been through every experience in life pretty much similarly. This has helped both of us to stay close and stand strong for each other. We learnt so much from each other and I am not ashamed to admit that I learnt the tactics to lead a happy life from you. It was you who taught me how to keep calm during tough situations. I thank you for being the strongest support in my life.

We have grown old and so did our bodies. We fall sick often, but you have set an example about how easy it can be to stay healthy and fit even at 75 years of age. I am still learning the tricks you use to stay as you are.

I will retire here with the best wishes for your Diamond jubilee birth anniversary.


[your name]

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