A Letter to Wish 50th Birth Anniversary to Brother

50th Birth anniversary is such a memorable time in a person’s life that it needs special messages from loved ones. In this busy world we are stuck badly with work pressure but still need to find time to share blissful moments of life. Here is a beautiful note that you can gift your brother on his 50th birthday.

A Letter to Wish 50th Birth Anniversary to Brother

Dear (name of brother),

Time seems to pass by like a flowing stream and it feels just like yesterday when we were little kids celebrating your 5th birthday. The only difference is that a zero has been added to the mentioned ‘5’ and we are no more able to run around the house with friends during the birthday party.

Well, let me wish you the very best for your 50th birthday and pray to the almighty that you stay strong and healthy as you are. When I think of our childhood days, it feels like those were the times we spent in our dreams. Right from fighting over the piece of cake or a toy to your crying out on my shoulder after your first breakup, we have shared several memorable moments and when I look back to those days, I find that you have been the best person in my life after our parents and my spouse. 

Though younger, you have remained an inspiration to my life from whom I derived the positive vibe necessary to stay afloat in the ruthless sea of life. You have taught me how to live happily and handle success and failure with ease. I am thankful to lord for having you in my life. I want to see you happy and prosperous throughout life and am ready to keep my entity at stake to ensure that.

Happy Birthday my ‘old’ little fellow!


[your name]

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