A Letter to Wish 25th marriage Anniversary to Cousin

Dear [Name of Cousin]

A happy marriage is about love, faithfulness, trust, belief in each other, and you are the best example of such an adorable couple. Silver jubilee marriage anniversary is the real big day for you, and it’s a pleasure to solute you both on this significant occasion.

As I have seen you both from being strangers to becoming a happy couple, I know you have many great memories to adore. Today everyone in family considers you to be the best husband and wife by describing the love you share. I still remember those days when you first met each other and fallen in love. I couldn’t believe that the time flew so much that you grew stronger together sharing an adorable relationship.

Together you have faced challenges thrown your way standing side by side you made yourselves better each day. With the love you have on each other, you have overcome all the odds. 

It’s the day to celebrate that love which made your marriage great. I know how much you care for your partner and how much you love her. You two are made for each other, and nothing else matters.

I firmly believe that love brought you together

And it will always keep you together forever. No matter what life brings ahead always be there for each other.

I wish you a long and loving life together. Happy Marriage Anniversary.

Yours lovingly

[Your Name]

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