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Leave Request Email to Manager – 8 Sample Templates

It is very normal that once in a while you come across a situation where you might need leave for a few days or weeks and of course while working you have that right. This situation can be pre-planned or sudden both, like a vacation with family, health issues of self or family members or someone have expired or you plan to attend a seminar happening in the nearby city.

In these situations, you can write an email to your manager or reporting manager stating your issue and requesting them to grant you a certain number of leaves. You should request them and also be very polite.

Leave Request Email to Manager

Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 1

Dear Samantha,

This is to bring to your thoughtful consideration that I would be moving my home one week from now to my recently purchased home close to central park. I would require 4 days’ leaves for moving. 

I have just addressed my reporting manager and he will be dealing with my obligations in my absence. I trust you comprehend my circumstance and award me leaves from 19th January to 23rd January. 

If you don’t mind consider this letter as my office and educated leave application. I will continue my obligations on the 24th of January.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,



Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 2

Dear Anderson,

I am composing this letter to formally illuminate you that I won’t be available in the workplace for 10 days. My grandma isn’t well and I should be with her to fare thee well and give timely meds. The specialist has identified typhoid and prompted her to have total bed rest. I am encasing a letter from the physican for your reference. 

I trust you will comprehend my circumstance and award me leaves from 17th January to 27th January.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Tim Cook


Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 3

Subject: Casual leave application

Dear Mr. Johny,

I am composing this application to request for seven days’ leave. The explanation behind my week-long leave is that I need to go to an Artificial Intelligence workshop from 20th January to 27th January. 

This is a gathering as I would experience numerous new and trendsetting innovations that we could use to refresh our technology framework. I will be keen on going to this meeting to find out about the progressive parts of the forthcoming business. With the gathering, there will probably be a two-day workshop wherein I will learn and watch the things for all intents and purposes. 

As this meeting is in Frankfurt, I should leave right off the bat the night of 19th January to be on time at the air terminal. 

I will continue the workplace on the 28th of January evening. I will be appreciative to you for thinking about my leave application. 


Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 4


I am writing to tell you that I need debilitated leave from work as a result of extreme viral infection. I got this infection the previous night and from that point forward have been feeling extremely weak and sick. 

According to the specialist, I have to take the prescription for five days, alongside legitimate rest for at any rate seven days. The letter from the specialist is appended, affirming the requirement for time to recoup from the ailment. 

Compassionately permit me seven days in length leave, until the 23rd of January. Should I require an all-inclusive period off, I will tell you as right on time as would be prudent. 

It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to get in touch with me whenever the timing is ideal, should you have any inquiries or require an explanation concerning the progressing venture. Much obliged to you for your speedy regard for this issue.




Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 5

Dear Mrs. Rebecca,

I am composing this letter to tell you about my prerequisites for a significant and unforeseen leave. This is a direct result of a crisis in the family. We have quite recently got the news that my kin has been determined to have dengue. I will be immediately going to the emergency clinic to be with her and take care of the family. 

I intend to come back to work one week from now on the 19th of January. I feel certain that my present tasks won’t experience the ill effects of such a snappy nonappearance and, that my work record justifies itself with real evidence as much as my capacity to compensate for some recent setbacks. 

I value your help in this issue and envision hearing a reaction from you. 

Yours sincerely,

Kenny John


Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 6

Dear Jessica

I want to sympathetically request that you award me consent to leave the workplace for [5 days]. I am extremely upset about the exceptionally late notification, yet I didn’t get ready for this critical and unexpected circumstance.

My first aunt has expired while battling with cancer. I wouldn’t set out to make such a solicitation hadn’t I foreseen a beneficiary with a tolerant character such as yourself. I am sure about your decision-making ability and I’m certain that you will comprehend the circumstance. 

I have chatted with my partners and they are glad to cover for me in my absence. I value your thought of my solicitation. Much thanks.

Best Regards


Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 7

Respected Sir,

I wish to apply for 10 working days’ leave from the fifteenth of January 2020 till the month’s end (fifteenth – 30th January 2020) as I am going on a family excursion. I might want to have your endorsement on my leave of 10 days. Every one of my obligations and the exceptional work will be dealt with by me before I leave. 

Anticipating a positive answer at the earliest! 

Your’s sincerely,


Content Manager.


Leave Request Email to Manager Sample 8

Dear Ms. Matthew, 

This is to educate you that I wish to apply for leave from the twentieth of January 2020 (Monday) till the 25th of January 2020 (Saturday) as I am relied upon to go to an away family work. 

According to our phone discussion prior today, during this period every one of my obligations will be dealt with by Anna Scott from my group. I have had a discourse with her in regards to this and educated her pretty much every one of the ventures that she will be liable for. 

Much thanks to you for thinking about my leave application. I will be contactable on my wireless (0593-5823-583) and my email if there should arise an occurrence of any crisis.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely


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