Lawyer Introduction Letter Template

A new Lawyer has been hired by the recruitment team at your company. He or she has joined the firm recently. Now, he or she must be introduced to the workforce. It is generally the job of the Human Resources Manager.

In this letter, one should mention the qualifications of the person who has been recruited. It is good practice to also mention the professional achievements and past work experience of the candidate. You should ideally write such a letter in a formal tone.

Letter Template: 1

[Name of the sender]

[Address of sender]





Dear [Recipient Name]

I would like to inform all of you that (mention name) she/has been appointed as a new lawyer at (mention court name). We know that (mention name) is capable of the position as she/he had a good background and provided the experience in the (mention previous court) for (mention years) already.

Since she/he has been in the (mention name) for quite so long with a (mention position), I can assure you that she/he can efficiently work for and adapt to her/his new job here.

With this, there might be some changes in the work in the future, but I am positive enough that these changes will give us defiantly a great success in the future. (Mention name) is qualified for the position, she/ he has years of experience and has also proven her/his expertise and loyalty to us.

I can proudly say that she/he is an asset to our company and I know she/he can give us good quality work that will surely give us success.

I am hoping that these changes will make you comfortable and you all will be adjustable soon working with her/him. 


[Signature of authorized signatory]

[Designation of authorized signatory]

lawyer introduction letter

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