Landlord Reference Letter: 4 Templates

If you are referring the candidate as a tenant to the landlord then you must prove your relationship with him. You must express how long you have known the person.

This would help in building the confidence of the landlord on your credentials and selecting the person as a tenant whom you refer to.  But it would be far better when you take help from the sample link. It would give an idea to refer to the candidate as a tenant officially. 

Letter Template: 1

Landlord Reference Letter


Sender Name:


Recipient name:


Subject: Landlord Reference Letter

Dear (Sir/Madam) 

I am referring to (name of the tenant) as a tenant at your property for rental. I know (him/her) for ____ (mention time) for the purpose of (mention the reason).

(He/she) is a very respectable and genuinely amiable person. (He/she) is financially stable. So, (he/she) has the capability to pay the rental payments from time to time. You can also check (his/her) credit score. 

(He/she) will never betray you. Honesty, responsibility, and trustworthiness are in (his/her) blood. I hope that (he/she) will never become the reason for anybody’s allegations. (He/she) will keep your rental property in good condition by thinking that the property is (his/her) only and will keep it clean also. (He/she) has good communication skills, and whenever you need to communicate with (him/her), (he/she) will always be there. 

(He/she) wants to stay in your place from (date). If you feel that (he/she) is eligible to stay there, then you can contact to (him/her) through phone (phone number) or mail (mail ID).

(He/she) has no criminal background. I have a firm belief that (he/she) will maintain all your rules and regulations. That’s why (he/she) comes under my good reference.

Thank you very much


Name and signature

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