Job Transfer Letter Samples – 5 Sample Formats

While you are working in a company that has got multiple branches in the country or in the world so it is obvious that from time to time as per the requirements of the project you will have to keep transferring the resources from one place to another.

Usually, these letters are formal in nature, specifying the location where the person is transferred to and also with a brief idea about the project in which the resource will start working. You should also not forget to mention the joining date of the person in the new location and also what kind of assistance can the person expects from the company.

Here are Best Job Transfer Letter Samples

Job Transfer Letter Sample 1

Andria Russo
Human Resource Manager
Houston, USA


Software Developer

Hello Rebecca,

I hope that you are doing great.
We had received your letter of transfer from Houston to California last week. Though we would want you to stay here and continue with the current project for us, employee welfare also matters a lot and hence I would like to tell you that you are transferred from here to our new project starting in California next week. 

You are requested to join the new location on the 7th of January and the company will provide you accommodation for 15 days so that you look for a suitable apartment for yourself meanwhile. With this transfer, you are given some more responsibilities which are recruiting resources for the project and hence you will be required to technically assess the person after the HR round.
I hope that you enjoy the new place and the team here will definitely miss you.


Andria Russo


Job Transfer Letter Sample 2

Hello Thomas,

I hope that you are doing good and the project which you are currently working on will be soon ending.

We have been very impressed with your performance in the last quarter and hence with the recommendation of your manager, the management has decided to transfer you to our new branch which is opening in the next week in Ohio. You will be leading the team there and we trust that nobody will be able to do it better than you.

The team there consists of 3 experienced people and 2 interns and we feel that you will be able to manage the team. You must be aware that we have recently got the artificial intelligent project and you will be required to first work on the POC of the project.

Kindly report to the new location by the 15th of January 2020. The company will assist you with temporary accommodation and you can stay there for a period of 1 month. You can take your family along and we would be happy to assist in anything else if you need it. Many congratulations from the whole team and we wish you get settled in the new location soon. 




Job Transfer Letter Sample 3

Justin Cook
Resource Manager
HCL technologies


Andria Russo
Graphic Designer

Sub- Transfer letter

Hello Andria,

Firstly I would like to congratulate you on completing your 1st year in the company and as you have successfully completed your probation we have now transferred you to the department that you will fit in. We are glad that your review went so well and there were many managers who were willing to take you in.

From 1st Feb you will be joining the video production team as a supervisor. Your roles and responsibilities will be intimated to you once you report the location. As you are trained in management, it will be expected from you to handle the day to day issues. It should be noted that the new location will have a busy schedule as it has got new projects assigned to it and hence you are transferred there as we believe that you will be the right person to deal with the new schedules there.

As you are transferred to the company’s requirements, you will provide certain allowances and accommodation facilities. Do reach out to the human resources department for any relocation assistance.




Job Transfer Letter Sample 4

Hello Jenifer,

Wishing you a happy new year and I hope that work has started on a good note. I would like to take a moment of yours to break the news that you are being transferred to Ohio. As you must beware that one of the major goals that we had for this year is that we would like to extend our footprints in that market as well.

As it is very well known that you a very competent business analyst and your pre-sales analysis have proved right for us and we would want you to do the same for new clients whom we have dedicated to reaching out in this quarter. You are being sent there for this sole reason that you will be able to guide our salespeople to target the people in the right way.

You will be required to join there by the 15th of this month and as this is on very short notice we will be providing you with accommodation for two months and a relocation allowance for the next two months. We would be happy if you take your family along with you and we wish that you settle down there as soon as possible.


Tim Berkley

Human Resources


Job Transfer Letter Sample 5

Hello Rebecca,

This is to inform you that you are being transferred to California. We are happy that you have spent a good amount of time with the team here in Orlando, but there is a new vacancy in the team there and we feel your portfolio will match with the vacancy and hence we will it will good for the growth of the company for you to shift there.

Kindly wrap up the work here and do the knowledge transfer here so that we can proceed with the process of transfer and get you shifted there. We would request you to report in the human resources office by 5 pm.




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