Job Recommendation Letter on Behalf of Someone – 8 Sample Formats

Not every time you come across a person who is bright and diligent, so it would be a possibility that sometimes you might write a recommendation letter for someone who is average in work or in attitude.

It is necessary for the future employer to know about his capability and it would be good if you write it in a manner that does not hurt the candidate as well as convey your intentions. These are very diplomatic letters and the use of the word is very important.

Job Recommendation Letter on Behalf of Someone

Letter Template: 1

Dear Rebecca, 

I am the manager of Steven Sandler, an applicant in your company. He mentioned that I write a recommendation letter on the side of his application.

Steven has been working in our department for three years already, and I have realized that he will generally take care of business and takes his job genuinely. He always accomplishes his work with the most extreme accuracy and a desire to move quickly.

He is also popular with his colleagues. I earnestly wish him the best in his career plans. The only thing is that he has certain commitments outside the office which can sometimes disturb the work. I will answer more inquiries you may have about Mr. Sandler. Simply call me at 2223333. 



job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 2

To Whom It May Concern: 

Jane Doe answered me for two years while functioning as a Customer Service Associate at ABCDE Corporation. She made a capable showing in certain areas. In any case, in different facets of her position, especially in client relations, retraining and supervision were required. 

Ms. Doe’s administration is never again required by our company, however, we wish her well in all her future endeavors. 

On the off chance that I can furnish you with any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at (111) 111-1111. 


John Smith 

Manager, ABCDE Corporation 

job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 3

To the responsible party in question, 

My name is Amelia Burns and I am the proprietor and operator of Sew It Today. Karen Paget worked straightforwardly with me for eight months. She was utilized as a Customer Service Representative from December 2017 to July 2018. We have nothing extraordinary to say about her and wish her the best.

Best regards, 

Amelia Burns 

job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 4

Hello Mr. Sanders,

I am composing this recommendation letter following the solicitation of Mr. Henry who has as of late applied for the job at your company. I have known Henry for the past 5 years and have seen him as a great man of honor.

He finishes his work tasks in time and is a mindful individual. He is sometimes slow in learning things but then you can just trust him.

My earnest wishes are for Henry for his future endeavors. For any more questions, you can always contact me. 



Email. [email protected] 

job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 5

Hello Mrs.Aniston,

As of late, Meezo a former understudy of the dig has applied for a job at your company. This letter is in light of his recommendation demand. Mezzo has been an awesome understudy who has always performed alright all through his examination period. His grades have been reliably acceptable. 

I wish him good luck with what’s to come. For any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact me. 


job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 6

To Whomsoever it may concern, 

This is with regards to Rob Ashley’s job application and conceivable future work with your firm. Rob has been a lawyer at our firm for the past eight months. It is with a profound lament that I have to inform you of Mr. Ashley’s past performance and actions at our office.

He was assigned as an associate to handle documentation on 3 cases right now just carried out he misplace the legal Things and Resolutions on two cases, yet had a verbal spat with the senior diplomat at our firm. His behavior indicated no lament right now his attitude was arrogant. 

His performance in the court and in different aspects of the legal documentation is poor. Also, his insight into Civil law is just about average. 

I trust and pray you won’t have the misfortune of having such an individual, that lacks character and morals be part of your firm. If you need more clarification or any more understanding of the matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me on the telephone number recorded underneath. 

Susan Boyle 

job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 7

Hello Mr. Salman,

It is great to know that one of my students has applied to your firm for a junior developer post and I would love to get on a call to discuss more the prospect.

He has been a great student and very sincere. Though he wasn’t the brightest of the minds in the class I have appreciated his efforts and hard work always.

Other than this if you would like to talk about his technical capability.


job recommendation letter on behalf of someone

Letter Template: 8

Hello Mr. Sander,

It is great to know that you have a few vacancies in your firm and you are looking to close them as soon as possible. I recently came across one of my old teammates who are interested in applying for the role of animator and cartoonist. He is a great professional and it will be good if you can have a look at his portfolio.

He is a very dedicated person, the only thing you can worry about is that he is not a certified professional and has learned the art himself. Kindly let me know if there is anything you would like to talk to about him.


letter to judge for leniency

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