Technical Training Manager Job Offer Letter Templates

The main responsibility of a technical training manager is to lead the design and delivery of technical training programs.

Recently, if you have taken the interview of such a skillful person and got impressed, then you must be thinking about writing a nice job offer letter for him or her and for this, you can take help from this effective sample letter of mine if you want as referring to it, you will be able to write yours with total perfection.

Letter Template: 1


(Mention the name of the sender)

(Mention the address of the sender)


(Mention the name of the recipient)

(Mention the address of the recipient)


Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Sub: Job offer letter for the position of the technical training manager.

Through this letter, I want to congratulate you because our company decided you to offer the post of technical training manager in our organization (mention the name of the company or organization) which is at (mention the company’s location or organization).

As per the company’s policy, we will offer you the amount (mention the offering amount for salary) as your monthly salary. And you will be benefited from health and dental insurance.

As per our requirement, you should be proven as an experienced in this post of technical training manager or similar role and develop technical courses content both for novices and experts with technology.

Knowledge of web-based learning platforms and modern educational techniques. Excellent communication skills with the ability to explain technical terms using simple languages. 

Your regular duties will be to conduct individual and team skills gap analyses. Developing technical training courses for all levels. Coordinating products related pieces of training, including presentation of new features and simulation activities in a demo situation.

Also, to make sure all the new hires undergo basic technical training. Liaise with industry experts and organize workshops and classrooms style pieces of training. Measuring improvements in employees’ job performance at the end of each course. 

If you agree with all our terms and conditions, please sign the letter and return it to us. we are looking forward to welcoming you to our company (mention the company’s name or organization).

Please reach out to me if there is any kind of query or issues in understanding this offer letter, you can contact me via email at (mention the email id of the sender), or you can directly call me on my cell phone (mention the cell phone number of the sender). 

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Yours sincerely, 

(Mention the name of the sender)

(Handwritten signature of the sender)

(Mention the date)

(Mention the designation of the company)

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