SEO Manager Job Offer Letter Templates

The below-drafted job offer letter for an SEO manager was prepared after thoroughly going through a job offer letter used by some Fortune 500 companies.

The contents covering job responsibility, working hours, place of posting, rewards, recognition, the legal stipulation for quitting, a framework to check unnecessary termination, and no competition clause post quitting are well covered.

These are well-drafted for safeguarding the interest of the recruiter and safeguarding the interest of employees.

Letter Template: 1


(Name of the sender)

(Address of the sender)


(Name of the recipient)

(Address of the recipient)


Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Subject: Job offer letter for the position of SEO Manager

It is with true pleasure that I am writing this letter to offer you the post of SEO manager at [mention the name of the corporation or organization].

The interview which you gave on [mention the date] was good, and we believe that with your effective knowledge, calculative and dynamic nature, you are going to prove to be a real addition to the organization.

Being the SEO manager of the company, you will conduct keyword research to support content teams, create and execute successful content strategies, direct off-page optimization projects, collect data and report on rankings, traffic, and other SEO aspects, optimize landing pages, website content and paid search copy, check technical SEO problems and suggest fixes.

Your starting salary will be [mention the amount] per annum, and the mode of payment will be [mention it]. Your remuneration will be revised based on how you deliver work after [mention the time].

Apart from a fair salary, you will also be getting certain perks and benefits for joining our organization, such as [mention them]. Additionally, you will be provided with [mention the no. of days] paid leaves every year.

You need to remember well that this position that the organization is offering to you will be based on a contract, and after it gets over, you will be expected to release the post.

If you have no issues in accepting this offer along with all its above-stated terms and conditions, then please make sure that we receive this letter signed and dated properly on or before [mention the date] as we will be able to notify you of the start date as well as other relevant details only after your confirmation.

In case of a query, you are most welcome to reach at [mention the phone no.]; alternatively, you can drop a mail at [mention the email ID].

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


(Handwritten signature of the sender)


(Designation in the company)

SEO manager job offer letter

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