Job Offer Letter For Senior Vice President


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Dear Sir / Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to confirm the employment offer in [mention the company name] in the post of senior vice president. It has been determined on the basis of the evaluation of your interview conducted on [mention the date]. You have been found superb in your performance and we are quite surprised to find you extremely active, intelligent and well behaved. 

You do have excellent mathematical skills and do have an in-depth knowledge of the current market situation.  We are quite hopeful that you will flourish in [mention the company name] and climb the ladder of success. This offer of employment for the post of senior vice president will be applicable for you once you pass your health check-up round or physical examination.

Once you join the company, you will be eligible to receive a salary package of [mention the amount] and that excluding your performance incentive on a monthly basis and medical insurance, and also the housing allowance. 

You will be facilitated with a laptop, iPad, and smartphone to carry out official work from the company premises and also from your home. The only thing, you need to make sure that you will not use these company assets for your personal use. You will be receiving the transportation allowance of [mention the amount] on a monthly basis. 

You will be reporting to [mention the senior] who will be monitoring your performance on a daily basis. He is actually the CEO / president of [mention the company name]. You will be responsible for supervising the duties of the accounts heads and manager of the sales and inventory departments. 

You will have to keep an eye on the financial transactions on a daily basis. The accounts head will be liable to report to you about every transaction. You can also take necessary action if you notice any kind of error or wrong entry of record in the accounts register. You will have to verify whether the accounting entries have been made properly in the virtual platform. You will also have to take care of Management Information System and HR team. 

You do need to take care of the fact that you reach the office on time and are ready to work for extra time depending upon the workload of [ mention the company name] and whenever required by the director or CEO of the company. 

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


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(Designation in the company)

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