Job Offer Letter For Recruitment Specialist


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Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Subject: Job offer letter for the position of Recruitment Specialist.

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you, that you have been selected as a Recruitment Specialist at our company [state the company’s or organization’s name].

Your interview held on [state the date] was exceptional, we loved your presentation and it gave out a very positive vibe, your responses were spontaneous and your communication skills were great. You were very convincing and your knowledge of judging who is right and suitable for a particular task seems to be appropriate.

Being a Recruitment Specialist you will have to perform the following tasks: report quarterly and annual hiring plans, publish job advertisements in various websites and hoardings, keep in touch with hiring managers and maintain the qualification criteria for various jobs, screen job applications, and CVs, conduct short interviews over the call to shortlist qualified candidates, later on interviewing candidates personally and assign them roles of junior, senior or executive accordingly, track hiring metrics and conducting and participating in job fairs.

The first salary you receive will be through [state the mode] mode, the amount you receive will be [state the amount] which you will receive at the end of every month. According to the company’s policies, you will enjoy the benefits of being an employee under us such as: [state them], you will also enjoy the benefit of having the company pay for your phone bills which and this cell phone is to be used only for office work.

Please take note that your employment is purely contract-based with the company, once this contract ends, the company has complete authority to discontinue your contract.

If you can abide by the company’s terms and conditions, please send in a signed letter stating your acceptance of the job by [state the date]. On receiving your letter, the company will hire you and provide you with a joining date. You may keep a copy of this letter with yourself for any kind of future use.

We look forward to having you on our team, for any queries text us at [state the e-mail address] or give us a call on [state the number].

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(Sender’s name in capital)

(Sender’s handwritten signature)


(Designation in the company)

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