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Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Subject: Job offer letter for the post of project administrator.

We will be very much interested to appoint you for the position of project administrator. At present, you have been selected for this important position and therefore we are sending this letter of a job offer to you. We all trust you as you have proved to be very mature, knowledgeable, and coordinating with the people with your expertise in verbal and written communication skills.

 We are quite sure that you will be a valuable contributor to [mention the company name] by enhancing its brand value and increasing the revenue in the current market condition. You are hardworking and you will definitely make it to the top. We would like to convey that this is the place where you can achieve your ambition and gain financial success. 

Your duty hours in [mention the company name] will range between [mention the login time] and [mention the long out time]. You will be receiving one/two weeks in the entire week. You must reach on time and if in case you are late then you will be subjected to paying fine or face salary deduction. 

As a project administrator of [mention the company name], you will handle the teams of sales, software development, and compliance and quality, and also the human resource. We have found that you are an excellent problem and have deep analytical skills and you have acquired this knowledge through high standard educational background. 

You have done your graduation/post-graduation in [mention the specialization] from [mention the university name] with excellent typing skills and knowledge of software development, it would be very helpful for to achieve company’s target and gain growth in your career.  

We would be requiring your contribution in preparing the invoices for the purchase orders and also arranging tasks related to budgeting revenues. You are expected to coordinate with the administrative team and conduct result-oriented meetings.

To be true, you need to show up with the commitment that you had made during the interview conducted on [mention the date] to achieve the target. You do have an experience of [mention the experience period] and it is nothing hard to achieve it. 

You can contact us for further details through [mention the email] or [mention the phone number. We are ready to help you further. Please do sign this offer letter before submitting it to us and keep another copy with yourself. 

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


(Handwritten signature of the sender)


(Designation in the company)

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