Preschool Teacher Job Offer Letter Templates


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Dear Sir or Ma’am,

Sub: Job offer letter for the position of a preschool teacher.

Congratulation! We the (mention the name of the school or institute) which is at (mention the location of the school or institute) have decided to offer you the post of a preschool teacher. We are all super excited to call you our new preschool teacher. 

You will receive a total amount of (mention the total amount of salary) as your salary, which will be given on the monthly basis and you will get the other benefits like health and dental insurance. There will be holidays of (mention the total numbers of holidays in a week) in a week. 

Working as a preschool teacher in our school or institute, you have to develop a careful and creative program suitable for preschool children. You have to employ a variety of educational techniques to teach children.

Observing each child helps them improve their social competencies and build self-esteem. Encourage children to interact with each other and resolve occasional arguments or fights. 

You will be the one for guiding children to develop their artistic and practical capabilities through a carefully constructed curriculum. Organizational nap and snack hour and supervise children to make sure that they are safe at all times. Tracking children’s progress and reporting to their parents.

Collaborate with other educators. And to maintain a clean and tidy classroom constant with health and safety standards. Communicating with parents regularly to understand the children’s background and psyche.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our team. we would like to have your response on this offer. If you have any further questions or queries then please do not hesitate to reach out to me, you can mail me at (mention the mail id of the sender) or you can also contact me in person on (mention the day or time to contact in person). 

Thank you very much for your precious time.

Yours sincerely, 

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