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Dear Sir / Ma’am,

Subject: Job offer letter for the position of IT Helpdesk Technician. 

This letter is in concern for choosing you for the post of IT Helpdesk Technician in [mention the company name]. We are extremely happy with your performance in [mention the company name] in the role of IT Helpdesk Technician. As we have assessed you during the interview, we found you superb in coordinating with the clients and assisting accordingly.

 During the mock call taken during the interview, you had succeeded in an amazing way convincing the irate client and resolving the issue with prompt action. You are proactive and capable to understand the client’s state of mind and act accordingly. We are very sure that you will be able to fulfill the responsibilities with dedication and sincerity in [mention the company name]. You need to fulfill certain formalities to join as soon as possible. 

You will be working in [mention the company name] from [mention the login time] till [mention the log out time]. You will be assigned to the team of [mention the supervisor]. Initially, you will be on training of [mention the training period] related to the process. You will be sent to the production once you clear your assessment through the training.  

You will be looking after the storage systems and taking the preventive measures as per the situation would be demanding. You will observe the performance of the storage systems and also take care of server-related issues. You will also help in the process of installing the software on the system and also help in up-gradation.

You must be ready to offer a first-hand resolution to the client. You are expected to be polite, courteous, and energetic over the call from the opening till closing. You will be assessed on a regular basis as per the quality parameters. Currently, you will be working on temporary staff. After completion of the probationary period of [mention the months], you will be joining [mention the company name] as permanent staff. 

Since you have an experience of [mention the experience period], you will be given a salary package of [mention the salary amount$].

Kindly do the needful by signing this offer letter if you are ready to join [mention the company name] and keep another copy of offer letter with yourself.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,


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