Petroleum Engineer Job Offer Letter Templates

We have enclosed a well-drafted job offer letter format which you can easily amend by feeding data in precursors placed at appropriate places. You may use this job offer letter template for selected employees when formally offering a position to the chosen candidate.

It includes a sample job offer email along with a well-drafted job offer letter as an attachment to be sent to selected candidates. It covers important employment terms like job timing, rewards and recognition, employment period, and retirement age.

Letter Template: 1

[Company name/logo]

[Mention date]

[Candidate’s name]

[Candidate’s complete address]

Subject: Job offer letter for the position of a Petroleum Engineer

Dear [ candidate name],

Here I would like to offer you the job position of Petroleum Engineer in our reputed company. Your educational background and experience level skills satisfy all of our demands for this position and make you a proper fit.

So based on your interview and all of this quality we decided to offer you this position of Petroleum Engineer in our leading company.

I think this is necessary to know about your responsibilities before joining so here I want to give you a short highlight about your responsibilities towards our company, build and develop effective plans for the oil and gas extraction, use supervise drillings and extractions, research new ways and new sites for oil and gas extraction,  and maintain drilling and fracturing equipment, 

Supervise and train technical staff, analyze the formation of the rocks and reservoirs, use computer-aided models to enable drilling, collaborate with geoscientists and engineers to determine geological features, and determine projects’ budget and requirements.

As a Petroleum Engineer of our leading company, you will be provided the salary amount of [mention the salary amount].

And your salary will be paid on a [monthly/weekly] basis and in your [Bank account/ or check]. Besides this, our company will also provide you with additional benefits and perks like [mention details]. 

And if you agree to join in this position with the mentioned terms and conditions of our company, please send back this letter with your signature and make us sure about your acceptance of this job offer. After getting your proper response, we will send you all the joining date and place details.

If you have any query related to any topic of this job, feel free to contact us with this contact [ mention contact details].

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

[ Mention name]

[Handwritten signature of the sender]


[Designation in the company]

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