Invitation Letter for Parents Example: 4 Templates

Those who live away from home always cherish a lovely visit from their dear relatives, especially their parents. Staying apart for a long time makes one homesick. If you are feeling blue and are longing for a visit from your parents, then you should invite them over to spend a few days with you.

To do so you should write a letter of invitation to your parents. The tone to be used in this letter should be very warm and informal. To write such a letter you may follow the templates written in this website.

Letter Template: 1

Invitation Letter for Parents

Your Name

Your Address

Street, City, State




[Mention the name]

[Mention the address]

City, State, Zip-code

Subject- Letter of Invitation for Parents to Visit

Dear sir/madam

I am feeling overwhelmed as I sit to write this letter. I am writing this letter to invite you both for a visit to [name of the place]. I can feel that you are going through a busy schedule; therefore I have planned this trip for you. I would have been elated if I accompanied you, but my exams prohibit such an occasion.

I will be sending you the airplane tickets and the hotel stay information. I hope you enjoy the visit and will return to work with a fresh mind. 

I think aunt [mention the name] will come to meet you once you reach [mention the place]. Please enjoy the visit and take care of your health.

Yours Sincerely

[Name of the sender]

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Letter Template: 2

Invitation Letter for Parents

Dear mom and dad,

I feel like I am on cloud 9, as I write this letter to you. I have been selected for the best [mention the name] award in [mention the name of the company or organization]. I just can’t believe that I made it, finally.

You know how hard I have worked to reach up to here, to hear this news, to get this prestigious award. Ever since my college days, it has been my dream to work for this company and I have made every possible effort for that. Be it studying hard and achieving a gold medal in [mention the name of the program or degree] or working like crazy when I got a chance to work for them.

Initially, the days were rough for me as the pressure was way more than what I had imagined. It was getting impossible for me to cope, and many times I failed, but then, I was determined to achieve success, no matter what, and the failure only motivated me to do better. With each passing day, as I embraced failure and worked harder, the day came when my manager Mr. [mention the name] first complimented me on my project’s success, and ever since that day, I have been getting back-to-back compliments for my accomplishments.

Yesterday night, when I returned from the office, Mr. [mention the name] conveyed the news to me that my name is also included in the young achievers’ list and I am getting this award. I am still finding it unbelievable as it’s nothing short of a big dream coming true.

On this major day, I want you people to be there beside me. The company has cordially invited all the family members of the achievers too. You have been an immense support system all this while and without you, this award will mean nothing. I will be sending the tickets by [mention the date].

Can’t wait to see you.

Love you,

[Mention your name]

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Letter Template: 3

Letter of Invitation for Parents

Dear mom and dad,

How are you doing? It’s been so long since I last saw you. In fact, it’s almost like ages ago. Ever since I came to [mention the name of the country] to work, I hardly got time to write to you or call you. My responses have always been short and though I know that you will understand, still, I am extremely sorry for that.

My work life has been very hectic ever since the first day of joining. I was pretty excited the day I was leaving for [mention the name of the country] but as soon as I arrived here, I got to know how people live under pressure all the time. Still, the citizens of this place are already used to it as they have been living like that, ever since the beginning.

I was having a hard time adjusting to things, to people. Some people in my office are really annoying, they make you work like slaves all day long, but then, I am happy that I at least got the chance and you know how I am, I can do anything; achieve anything if I am determined. So, for the last few years, I have been trying my level best and things have been going quite well.

Personally too, I want to introduce [mention the name of your girlfriend or boyfriend]. She or he has been there with me for quite some time now and I want you to get acquainted with her or him. 

Also, a major reason for writing this letter to you guys is that I am inviting you guys to visit me here and stay with me for some time. There are so many things to tell you in person, so many things to show you. I have been missing you people like anything.

I will be sending the tickets soon. 

Love you a lot,

[Mention your nickname]

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Letter Template: 4

Sample Invitation Letter for Parents

Dear parents,

I, [mention the name], the [mention the post] of the reputable educational institution, [mention the name], am writing this letter to invite you to the Annual kids fair. It will take place on [mention the date] at the school playground and the time will be [mention it] to [mention it]. 

As you know, each and every year, we do something for them at the end of the year, but this time, all of us have come up with something different. For the little kids of our school, we have arranged theatrical performances, food stalls, magic shows, puppet shows, solve-the puzzle-and-win-a-soft-toy, and other popular outdoor games. The fair also has enjoyable rides, musical shows, and singing competitions. We all have planned exciting surprises for them as well.

In addition to all the entertainment, there will be some fund-raising activities too. We request you to kindly attend and participate in this event along with your kids. While we promise our little angels a good time, the small funds collected from the parents will be given to a charitable facility where the unfortunate children deserve a good life and which will only be possible through some financial help. Other than the above-mentioned benefits, this fair will also strengthen your bond with your little ones.

You will be able to find the rest of the details in the invitation card that we are attaching along with this letter. Kindly bring your child’s student ID card and your ID proof for security reasons at the gate.

If you have any queries regarding any part then you can always reach us at [mention the contact no.]; alternatively, you can drop a mail at the school website too. We will reach out to you as soon as we can.

We are looking forward to having a gala time together at the upcoming event.

Hoping to see you soon.

Thank you,


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