Invitation Acknowledgement Letter Template

You may have been invited for any special occasion. It can be either a celebration of a wedding, birthday party or any occasion. With this letter template, you will be able to conveniently express your thanks for receiving an invitation from the host.

It is important to specify the date of invitation. You need to describe the reason for getting the invitation. You can also describe how you will be helpful during the occasion for which you have been invited. 

Letter Template: 1

Date: (…………..)

(Sender Name)

 (Company Name)


 (Mobile Number)

Sub: Acknowledgement Letter of Invitation.

(Receiver’s name)

(Organization name)


Dear (Concerned Person)

I am writing this to acknowledge that I have received your invitation yesterday. Thank you for inviting me to your (mention name of invitation occasion) on (22nd Sep). I will be confirming my attendance in the coming week. If you require any help then just let me know, I will be there to support your (occasion).

I appreciate your effort for this great purpose. Your last year’s (occasion) was highly commendable. More than (500) (mention beneficiaries) got help from this (camp). I was greatly honored to be a part of your last year’s project.

I am eager to meet your (secretary name), a great social worker who has done a lot for the uplift of society. I look forward to being there this year also.

I will try to preach on my behalf as much as I do, so that the more members you have, the more successful your efforts will be. My secretary will provide you with the details of my arrival at the event. 


(Company Name)


(Email ID), (Mobile Number)

invitation acknowledgement letter

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