Investigatory Interview Inviting Letter Template

If any company or organization wants to invite anyone for an investigatory interview then they have to send a letter in a proper format. Now we are here to help you in this situation.

Here we have already provided some sample letters regarding inviting employees for an investigatory interview.

While writing this letter you must include the date of this interview, time, and venue. Now if you are facing any problem while writing this letter then follow our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


[Name of the recipient],

[Mention Designation and department],


Sub: Letter Inviting employee to an investigatory interview

Dear Sir/ Madam,

As the HR of the company, I would like to inform you that you have been invited to attend a meeting for the investigatory purpose at our company (mention the name of the company). The day and time of this meeting gave been scheduled as (mention the date and time of the meeting).

We hope you will prove yourself to be a very efficient and hard-working worker for our company. For this reason, we want to talk with you about your previous mishaps or misdeeds if any. This meeting will be held at our company auditorium at (mention the location of the meeting).

If you have any grievances or complaints regarding the investigation process and target you can talk openly with us and our higher authorities in this meeting. We shape this meeting will be helpful in removing all the problems of our organization and your problems as well.

We are sending you this letter from the HR department on behalf of our company to solve the problems through proper investigation. Hope you will accept this letter and be present at this meeting.

We are waiting for this conversation.

  Thank you very much,


 [Name of the sender],


 [Organisation name]

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