Special Education Teacher Introduction Letter Template

As and when a new Special Education Teacher joins your institution, it becomes the responsibility of the Human Resources Manager to introduce him or her to the entire staff. A formal letter addressed to the entire staff should be written.

The tone of the letter should be formal. It would help to introduce the new candidate by mentioning his educational and professional qualifications. You may also state his past experience and mention the team he is supposed to work with at your company.

Letter Template: 1

[Insert the name of the sender]

[Insert the Address of the sender]

[Insert the contact information of the sender]



[Insert the name of the recipient]

[Insert the address of the recipient]

[Insert the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of introduction to the Special Education Teacher

Dear [Insert the name of the Recipient]

This is the letter of introduction concerning the notification number [insert the notification number], dated [insert the date], issued by the [insert the name of the school] to introduce Mr. [insert the name of the special education teacher] to all the other teacher, staffs and members of the school.

The members and the authority of the school feel huge gratitude for informing all of you that Mr. [insert the name of the special education teacher] is very humble, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the students and his field of studies.

During our interview session, we came forward to know him a bit more and found out that he is a very good listener and understands the students’ emotions. This is a talent which we expect from each of our employees.

Thus, we request all of you to contact him if you have any work related to the special education department, and also, you must convey this message to each and every grade so that the students can avail of his guidance.

We hope that this letter has done its job of conveying the introductory message to all of you in the school and request you to abide by the rules and regulations on the school premises.

Thanks to all. 

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Name of the company with stamp].

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