Quality Assurance Tester Introduction Letter Templates

On behalf of the company, if you want to introduce anyone as a Quality assurance tester, you can easily do it by publishing a letter of introduction among the whole members. While writing this letter, you have to write his or her name, joining date, personality, and some other information that can easily connect him or her with the whole members of your company.

Now, if you think you cannot complete your letter with your own effort, you can easily take help from our below sample letters which we have provided for you.

Letter Template: 1

[Write the name of the sender]

[Write the Address of the sender]

[Write the contact information of the sender]



[Write the name of the recipient]

[Write the address of the recipient]

[Write the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of introduction to the Quality Assurance Tester

Dear [Write the name of the Recipient]

With due reference to the office memorandum, dated [mention the date], it is at this moment informed to all of you that the [mention the name of the company] is going to introduce Mr. [mention the name of the quality assurance tester] to all the other employees of the company. From the [mention the date of joining], he will be our new quality assurance tester for the company.

We have gone through his resume, checked the documents he had submitted, and found him to be the perfect fit for the company. As the quality assurance tester, he will be assigned the quality checking duty, perfect functioning of the software and other web applications for the company.

He will be also in charge of checking the existing applications and removing bugs and other issues relating to these. You all are requested to accompany Mr. [mention the name of the quality assurance tester], as he is new to this company and would need help in some aspects before he starts to flourish in his career in this company.

With all your contribution, we hope we will make the [mention the name of the company] proud.

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Name of the company with stamp].

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