Production Manager Introduction Letter Template

In order to introduce a new production manager, you can take reference from this letter template. In the initial phase of the introduction letter, you will be mentioning the company’s memorandum and date of publishing.

Next, you would be mentioning the company’s name and candidate’s name that will be joining as the production manager. You can also mention his educational qualifications. You must share about how he would be managing the production house and maintaining appropriate working atmosphere.

Letter Template: 1

[Write the name of the sender]

[Write the Address of the sender]

[Write the contact information of the sender]



[Write the name of the recipient]

[Write the address of the recipient]

[Write the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of Introduction to The Production Manager

Dear [Write the name of the Recipient]

In accordance with the company’s memorandum number [write the number of the company’s memorandum], published on [write the date], the company has decided to let all the existing employees know that the [write the name of the company] is introducing Mr. [write the name of the production manager] into the company as our new production manager. We hope that he has a prosperous tenure throughout.

We had previously organized a seminar where we found him to be very skilled, humble, and reasonable in almost all aspects of the job. He is qualified in management and has a degree in management from the [write the name of the university].

The managerial committee has decided on appointing him in the [write the name of the company].

From [write the date], all of you are going to have your new production manager and he will be managing the production house along with maintaining a suitable environment in the [write the name of the company].

All the existing members of the company is been requested to maintain the decorum of the [write the name of the company] and will also help him to accomplish his duty in the starting phase, as he is still not updated with our new terms and policies.

Thanks to all.

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Name of the company with stamp].

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