Cabin Crew Introduction Letter Template

It’s a very important moment for the staff and other employees of the company when a new cabin crew is selected for the company. In this situation, the authority must want to introduce this newly appointed person to the whole company members to connect them with him.

Now here they have to include this person’s name, personality, how he will help the others with his works, and some other words to give a nice introduction.

Letter Template: 1

[Mention the name of the sender]

[Mention the Address of the sender]

[Mention the contact information of the sender]



[Mention the name of the recipient]

[Mention the address of the recipient]

[Mention the contact information of the recipient]

Subject- Letter of introduction to the Cabin Crew

Dear [Mention the name of the Recipient]

We are glad to inform all the employees of this company that the [mention the name of the company] will introduce all of you to our new cabin crew, Mr. [mention the name of the cabin crew].

He will be joining our company from the [mention the date]. We wish him luck on behalf of the whole team.

As mentioned in the company’s policies, we have called him for an interview after the filtration of the most suitable applicant among all the applications submitted to us.

We are happy to mention that he is a qualified person having all the necessary degrees and owns many certificates to higher up his position in the said job role.

We are impressed by his personality and his charisma. From the date of joining that is [mention the date], he will be appointed under the cabin crew department and will abide by the orders given by the department heads. 

We would humbly request the entire employee to cooperate with him as he is new to this company and needs your encouragement to grow in this company. hope we have been able to convey the information well.

Wish you a happy day ahead.

With regards,

[Hand-Written Signature]


[Name of the company with stamp].

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