Roofer Introduction Letter Template

A roofer mainly works on the installation, repair and renovation of new and existing roofs. They specialize in the placement, repair and removal of various roofing materials.

If you have successfully recruited such a person to serve your corporation then you must be in the mind to introduce that individual to the rest of the team and to help you with it, I have come up with a nice sample introduction letter, using which as a reference, you will be able to create yours with total ease.

Letter Template: 1

(Mention the sender’ name)

(Mention Job Title)

(Mention Company name)

(Mention the Date)


(Mention the recipient’ name)

(Mention the Job Title)

(Mention Organization’ name)

Subject: Introducing the new Roofer

Dear (recipient’ name),

I am writing this letter to introduce you to the next roofer of [mention the name of the company or organization]. His name is [mention the full name].

He will be here with us by the next week. We are happy to have hired an able, hardworking, determined, and sincere person like him.

He will be building roofs using different tools and materials, removing debris from roofs to place materials using hand tools and other equipment, smoothening roof surfaces and filling edges with cement, ensuring that the roofs are built in such a manner that it protects buildings from bad weather conditions, restocking roofing materials such as clay and cement, setting up vents and vapor barriers.

He has a strong ability to use sharp hand tools and can withstand working on scaffolds and ladders for longer hours. He has been put under your charge and you are to make sure that apart from fixing damages.

He is able to build safe and durable roofs efficiently. He will be reporting to you about the progress taking place. You can talk to him by connecting with him directly at [mention the contact no.] or you can drop him a mail at [mention the email ID] as per your convenience.

If you seek any more details or have queries, you can get in touch with me. All of us are waiting to add him to the team as I look forward to you sharing a pleasant work experience with him.

Have a good day.

Thanking you


(Your signature)

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