Introduction Letter For Nurse

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Subject: Introducing the new Nurse

Dear (recipient’ name),

This letter is being written to introduce you to the new nurse, [mention the full name] of [mention the name of the organization].

She is expected to be here by the end of this week. She is an educated, kind, and warm-hearted person with absolute dedication to her profession. Her sense of work ethic is incredible.

She is assigned with the tasks of conducting physical exams of the patients, studying their detailed health care history, analyzing their physical and emotional needs by listening to them carefully, giving health care education and counseling to all the patients, treating medical emergencies following the care regulations and standards and administering workloads.

As a well-trained nurse, she will be working to add value to our organization thus adding to its existing reputation.

She will be coordinating along with the multidisciplinary team and will give direct nursing care along with extensive mental and physical support when required.

If you have any more questions or want any additional details, please let us know. In case you want to talk to her regarding anything, you are requested to call her at [mention the contact no.] or you may drop her mail at [mention the email ID].

We are confident that you will share a pleasant working experience with her as we look forward to having her as a positive addition to our organization.

Good luck!

Thanking you


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