Janitor Introduction Letter Template

The recruitment team at your firm has inducted a new Janitor into the company payroll. Now, it is the job of the Human Resources team to write an introduction letter to introduce him to the existing staff.

This process is usually conducted immediately after the said candidate joins the company. In a letter of introduction, the Human Resources Manager is supposed to mention the qualifications of the candidate, both professional as well as educational. His past work experience can be mentioned in this letter as well.

Letter Template: 1

(Mention the full name of the sender)

(Mention the job title of the sender)

(Mention the full name of the entity)

 (Mention the relevant date)


(Mention the full name of the recipient)

(Mention the job title of the recipient)

(Mention the full name of the entity)

Subject: Introducing the New Janitor

Dear (mention the full name of the recipient),

(Mention the full name of the relevant person), has been appointed as the new Janitor at our (mention the type of the entity) and would be joining on (mention the relevant date).

He has previously worked at (mention the relevant name of the entity) and judging from his interview we expect that he would be a great addition to the (mention the relevant staff) staff of the (mention the type of the entity).

He appears to be a very well-mannered and respectful person and such behavior will only add to our business. Your role is to ensure that he is able to familiarize himself with the environment of the (mention the type of the entity) as quickly as possible so that he can be expected to perform the job in an ethical and professional manner without any regular monitoring.

You are also required to brief him about the company policies and state to him the procedure in which he can approach the grievances department to address any of the difficulties that he may be facing in the execution of his work.

Further, if you have other queries as to the responsibility that you are required to perform, then you can contact your departmental head who will explain everything in detail.

We hope that the addition of a very vibrant and energetic person in our (mention the type of the entity) will only result in improving the quality of service offered and will gradually enable us to increase our business.

Thanking you


(Mention the hand-written signature of the sender)

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