Casting Director Introduction Letter Template

The primary responsibility of a casting director is to find the appropriate stars to bring the TV drama or a film to life.

If you have lately recruited such a hardworking person to work for you then you must be thinking about introducing him or her to the rest of the crew and for this an introduction letter is perfect. To help you with it, I have come up with a nice sample letter, having a look at which you will be able to write yours with convenience.

Letter Template: 1

(Mention the full name of the sender)

(Mention the job title of the sender)

(Mention the full name of the company)

 (Mention the relevant date)


(Mention the full name of the recipient)

(Mention the job title of the recipient)

(Mention the full name of the company)

Subject: Introducing the New Casting Director

Dear (mention the full name of the recipient),

This letter is to notify you that (Mention the full name of the relevant person) has been selected to join the (mention the relevant entity type) as a casting director and she is assigned to directly report to you.

Even though she has no previous work experience in the industry she was very confident and comfortable while dealing with the relevant questions and showed no sign of discomfort or hesitation while answering the questions.

She understands that as she does not have any prior experience she has to double down on her work and be as diligent and dedicated to her work as possible. She herself intends to develop herself and be an important asset to the company. 

Your responsibility is to ensure that she is able to acclimatize herself with the environment of the company as quickly as possible so that she can be assigned to handle projects on her own and be of immense importance to the company.

In case you encounter any difficulties while executing the work given to you, the person mentioned to you can be communicated with and you can ask to get a clear understanding regarding the same.

We wish that the addition of an employee who is able to contribute to the company in a significant manner and increase its business; will always be an important asset to the company.

Thanking you


(Mention the hand-written signature of the sender)

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