Interview Schedule Email to Candidate – 5 Templates

Schedule Interview Schedule Email to Candidate - 5 Templates

Interview Schedule Email to Candidate – 5 Templates

Interview planning and scheduling may not be the toughest part of hiring if the organization channelize all content in a proper manner.  A little investment of time and efforts bring more efficiency and attract a candidate to work in your organization.

Email is not only possible way to communicate with the candidate but another means can be used like telephonic information or texting through message etc. but when your purpose lies for recording communication for future reference, clarity of message, and avoiding confusion then E-mail writing proves an effective mode to inform and invite for the interview. 

Here, we are presenting a few formal e-mails as a sample writing and ensure that your purpose and your company’s name in the subject line to confirm that candidates will read your mail.

Interview Schedule Email to Candidate

Interview Schedule Email to Candidate Sample 1

To: [email protected]

Subject line: information to attend the interview at VLCC Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Lopez,

Greetings of the day,

Thank you for applying to VLCC Pvt. Ltd. For area sales manager Vacancy.

we are delighted to inform you that your application for the area sales manager job position stood out to us and after the screening, the committee decided to invite you for an interview at our office place.

For the same, you will report with our human resource department manager, Mr. Wooldridge, and three of his team members. The interview will be for 45 minutes duration. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss the job’s responsibilities and learn more about the working environment and culture of our company.

We are planning to schedule all the interviews for the same position in the 2nd week of the month. Please confirm for us which slot time you would prefer for your interview at our office place.

  • Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.
  • Friday, 11:30 a.m.
  • Saturday, 4:30 p.m.

If you are not available during the mentioned weak days or time slots, please feel free to communicate.

Further, this is to inform you that you need to report before 30 minutes of scheduled interview and bring attested photocopies of your educational and professional documents and need to submit at the Human resource manager desk.

In case of any query. Please let us know.

All the best


Human resource manager

VLCC Pvt. Ltd. 

36/72 canal road, downtown street, Barlow town.


Interview Schedule Email to Candidate Sample 2

To- [email protected]*****.***

Subject: Invitation letter for a scheduled interview 

Dear Anderson,

On behalf of our company, I would like to appreciate that you applied for the position of a Software developer with TechStacks in Florida. Our institution wants to schedule an interview on March 31st, 2020 at (**.**) am with you for the above-mentioned role. 

The following contact details make you easy for any query regarding position or institution.

Contact number: 98765432

Institutional mail id: [email protected]

With best wishes


Human Resource Team



Interview Schedule Email to Candidate Sample 3

To: [email protected]

Subject: Invitation letter for Schedule an Interview

Dear Samantha,

Greetings of the day,

Thank you for applying for the animator position at Krafts through online mode. Our recruitment and selection committee has looked over your application and have shown their interest to invite you to interview Thomas, our creator animator as soon as possible.

Please do visit the page on our company website. And Click on Careers in the top right corner of the web page to schedule an interview in the upcoming weeks. You will be asked for creating a new account with login Id and password. for this purpose, we have provided you with userid – XXXXXX and password *******. Then You will be taken to the next page named scheduling, where you can choose and freeze an interview time slot. so we can indorse your interview schedule as soon as possible within the week.

If you face any problem in scheduling interviews or web page issues, please contact me and do email at [email protected]



Interview Schedule Email to Candidate Sample 4 

To- [email protected]

Hello, Rebecca,

Thank you for submitting your application for the (job name)  at (company name with complete address). our screening committee is impressed by your qualifications and background and proposed your name for the current job opening in our company. They believe that you are a suitable candidate for this position. Therefore, we would like to invite you for an interview scheduled on (write a particular date) at (mention time) at our office at (address of the office).  we have attached a few screenshots for the directions.

You are supposed to meet (name of the director) director on that day. Hence, you are requested to bring three copies of your updated resume and portfolio. 

Please inform us about your arability for the scheduled interview by evening. Moreover, you can contact at ( contact number or mail id )for more details during office hours.

Our team is looking forward to meeting you!



Anna Mary

Manager- Human Resource


Interview Schedule Email to Candidate Sample 5

To: [email protected]

Subject line: an invitation to interview for the position of project assistant. 

Hello Jinny,

This side Maxwell. I am the chief director of economic and politic weekly journals. Yesterday I went through your article uploaded on LinkedIn and I am impressed by your word selection and presentation.  I really got inspired by your article and present insight.

I would love to have words about other articles and experience you have earned in your company over a coffee at nearby CCD.

I would love to share my upcoming projects for research and article publications. In my company, we have an opening for the chief editor.  If you will be comfortable accepting my job offer then please visit my office and have discussed the office formality. 

I can imagine your busy schedule but asking to spare a few minutes to have a look at my proposal. I am available for the whole weekdays after 3.30 pm. Please let me know about your convenience. 

Here, I am dropping my phone number with my postal address and expecting further discuss what we can have together.

My phone number and address are 


213, west town street,

New York.

Thanking you



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