Hospital Bill Forgiveness Letter: 6 Letters & Email Samples

Sometimes people are unable to pay the bill of hospitals as hospital bills are something that is very hard to estimate and sometimes it is very unexpected to get one as anybody can get sick anytime unexpectedly. Hospital bill forgiveness letters are written in many situations as sometimes the bill is out of budget or a weak financial position. So you don’t have to worry we have some samples for you to use.

How to write a good Hospital Bill forgiveness letter-

  • Mention the reason why you want bill forgiveness.
  • Mention the specific amount that your hospital to forgive.
  • You can request them to extend some time to pay the bill.
  • You must add an apology for not able to pay your bill.
  • You can also pay compensation for the bill later.

Hospital Bill Forgiveness Letters & Email

Sample 1-

Dear sir,

I am composing this letter to the accounts management department of the max hospital. The patient’s name is XYZ who was admitted because of a sudden nausea position and critical dehydration. I am feeling very bad for not being able to pay the bill for your hospital treatment, all of a sudden I lost my job and my financial position got worse. It’s my request to you to forgive my bill.

I sincerely apologize to you for not able to pay the bill. Please accept my apology by understanding my bad situation and I am very thankful for your services and your staff for reviving my daughter in this critical situation.

Expressing my apology to you genuinely.


Sample 2

Dear sir,

I am composing this letter to the higher management of the ABD hospital. Please do us a favor for our old age charitable trust by forgiving the checkup bills for our senior citizens. We will be very thankful for your help. We tried to do a fundraising facility for these checkups but due to some problems, we are unable to collect sufficient funds for their checkup.

We are trying to approach you because your hospital is a very big institution which involves many charity works also. Please consider my request and I can also meet you in person for further discussion. I hope for the positive response from your side.

Yours Faithfully 

Name of hospital


Sample 3

Dear Sir,

This is an apology letter for your account management team as I want your team to forgive my hospital bill. My name is XYZ, I was admitted to your hospital on 27/08/2019 and discharged on 30/08/2019. I was suffering from stomach pain but later I got to know that it was Appendicitis pain and the doctors had to do emergency surgery.

Sometimes the cost of your health problem is higher than your expectations. I had never thought that I would have to go through surgery. I want your management to forgive my hospital bill as I am unable to pay right now.

It’s my sincere apologies to your management and I expect them to cooperate with me and also revert regarding this problem according to your convenience.

Thank you



Sample 4

Dear sir,

The purpose of this letter is to request you to forgive my hospital bill as I am unable to pay the full amount of the bill as my salary has been reduced by my company because I am unable to do any work since I broke my hand in a scooter accident.

I request you to charge money on an EMI basis and you can charge some interest from me also as it is my mistake, I am willing to pay the full amount with the interest as well but I request you to consider my request till I am able to work completely again. The total amount of the bill is 52000 rupees and I am willing to pay the amount of 2000 rupees per month with interest.

My total income is $2600 per month and my house loan EMI is $700 per month and after paying you 2000 per month. The left will help me to pay my grocery and electricity bills.

I apologize for the inconvenience and please accept my apology by accepting my request and reply to me soon on the mobile number. 87878787888 or you can reply to me on my email address [email protected]

Yours Faithfully



Sample 5

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your kind notice that my wife Mrs. Full Name was admitted to your hospital on January 12th, 2020, and discharged on 17 January 2020. I am extremely sorry to say but that time everything went wrong because we were expecting a normal delivery of our baby but suddenly everything went wrong and doctors had to deliver our baby by doing surgery.

That time I got to know that my wife has a cyst in her stomach that was growing with  the growth of my baby that’s why the delivery happened before the due date and because of that the doctors had to cut the cyst with it also and it made the delivery costlier than expected.

The total cost of the bill was 15200 $ in which delivery by operation charges, cyst cutting operation charges, miscellaneous tests of the baby and mother, medicines, and room charges were included and these unexpected bills made my pocket out of budget.

It’s my humble request from the assigned authority to give some concession for my wife’s delivery or allow me to pay the bill on EMI basis. I apologize for the inconvenience that is caused by me to you. You can charge 500 $ per month from me or you can charge me with some compensation amount which I will pay later on the last EMI date. I hope that you will understand my condition and try to cooperate with me in every possible way. You can contact me on my mobile number that is 8294829829 as your convenience. Please revert me as soon as possible.


Sushant Kapoor

Address: 12/1 Rohini

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