Home Working Guidelines for Employees Letter Template

Employed in particular organizations nowadays, due to the global pandemic, many employees are unable to come to the office and work. For this, the higher authorities of such organizations or firms are taking the decision to allow work from home, but for this certain guidelines are needed to be followed.

If you are intending to write such a request letter where you need to mention about the home working guidelines to your employees then make sure to go through this sample letter of mine.

Letter Template: 1

Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. [ Insert the name of whomsoever it is concerned to]

SUB: [ Insert the subject concerned to the letter]

 To ensure the safety of our full community [ Insert the name of the organization] is moving quickly to promote and enable social distancing. These decisions were designed to make our company a safer place for everyone — and today we announce several important new steps.

Beginning tomorrow, and until we communicate otherwise, all employees who can work from home should plan with their supervisors to do so.

Following are the guidelines for remotely working employees:

  • Priorities & Essential Work: Evaluate the responsibilities and priorities of your position, considering customer/collaborator impact and feasibility of completing some or all of it.
  • Technology: At a minimum, employees need a computer, internet, and phone access.  If you do not have a Company-issued laptop, but have a personally owned computer/laptop/iPad, you may use this.
  • Contact Information: Update your emergency contact information for anything that requires your attention
  • Time & Performance: Discuss with your manager how your time and performance will be managed. Update your manager regarding your work priorities, deliverables, timelines, etc.

 For those employees whose work cannot be done remotely, we encourage the implementation of social distancing and other best practices, and the development of individualized work plans that minimize close contact.

We are enormously grateful for the dedication, high standards, and caring of everyone working for this Organization We are committed to doing everything we can to help keep you safe. Thank you for all the ways in which you look after your community and each other.

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