75+ Best Holiday Puns and Funny Quotes

We all love holidays which come as a welcome relief from our otherwise hectic schedule. At present, we lead a busy lifestyle and holidays provide us with the required break. We love to enjoy our holidays to the fullest and here we have mentioned several holiday puns which should motivate us effectively.

Holiday Puns and Funny Quotes

  • What do the elves of Santa learn at their school?

The Elfabet.

  • What vehicles do the elves of Santa drive?


  • What is the favorite thing of Santa to perform in the yard?

Hoe, hoe, hoe!

  • What is drunk by the elves of Santa?


_What do mean by Claustrophobia?

It is the fear caused by Santa Claus.

_What type of breakfast cereal is eaten by Frosty the Snowman?


_How will you refer to a cat that is sitting on the sea beach on the Christmas Eve?

Sandy Claws.

_In what place is the money hidden by the snowman?

Inside the snow bank.

_What types of vehicles are driven by the elves of Santa?


_For what reason the Christmas tree went to the barber?

It wanted to get trimmed.

_What type of motorbike does Santa ride?

Holly Davidson.

_What will be the result after crossing an Apple along with a Christmas tree?

A pineapple!

_What happens to be the favorite Christmas Carol of a parent?

Silent Night.

_What are you going to get from a cow situated at the North Pole?

Ice cream

_For what reason do mummies prefer holidays?

Due to all of the wrapping!

_Why is Christmas not celebrated by aliens?

Since they do not like to give away their existence.

_At what time does New Year’s Day arrive prior to Christmas?

Every single year!

_For what reason does everyone love Frosty the Snowman?

Because he happens to be extremely cool.

_For what reason was the small child so cold on the Christmas morning?

Since it was Decembrrrr.

_What are you going to get by mixing a snowman with a vampire?


_What is said by Mrs. Claus when she sees clouds in the sky?

It appears just like raindeer.

_What is taken by the snowman when the sun becomes extremely hot?

Chill pill.

_What happens to be the favorite day of a cow?

Moo-years Day!

_What will you present to a person who has got everything on his birthday?

A burglar alarm.

_What are you going to get after planting kisses?

Two lips.

_What was told by the light bulb to his man on the Valentine’s Day?

I really wuv you watts.

_What is taken by the Easter Bunny at his breakfast?


_How is it possible for the Easter Bunny to maintain his shape?

By eggercising.

_What had been the most well-known dance in the year 1776?


_ In Ireland, how will you refer to a fake stone?

A sham rock.

_For what reason is St. Patrick’s Day the most favorite holiday of the frog?

Since they are wearing green already.

_For what reason are teachers extremely rude while there is a summer vacation?

Since they do not have any class.

_Why is it not possible for you to take your turkey along with you to church during Christmas?

Because it makes use of fowl language!

_What is the favorite food of the snowman for Christmas dinner?

Ice crispies!

_For what reason should you go for a ladder carolling?

Such that you are able to get to the high notes.

_Who is invited to most of the holiday parties?

Christmas Carol.

_How do you refer to a reindeer during Halloween?

A cariBOO!

_What is the favorite food for the zombies at lunchtime?

Friday legs, human beans, and eyes cream.

_What was taken by Frankenstein to his Halloween party?

His Ghoulfriend!

_What happens to be a secret to a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner?


_What are you going to get by dividing a pumpkin’s circumference by the diameter?

Pumpkin pi!

_What do you put on to a Thanksgiving dinner?


_What is a pilgrim’s age called?


_How will you refer to a turkey on the day following Thanksgiving?


_Which holiday in the month of November happens to be the Dracula’s favorite?


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