Heart Touching Birthday Letter for Sister: 4 Templates (Free)

Everyone has a special feeling about one’s birthday. Sibling expects excellent treatment from each other. This birthday, surprise your sister in an old-school style writing a sweet love letter to her. Express all that you have in your heart for her. This love letter will sure shot hit her heart.

Template: 1

Heart Touching Birthday Letter to Sister

Dear “Name of your sister.” 

Wishing the gorgeous girl a pleased birthday. May your day be filled with lots of joy and happiness. May the year ahead bring a lot of success and prosperity to you. May all your wishes come true, and you get whatever you long for. You deserve them all.

You have grown up so soon. It just feels like you were just a cute little toddler chewing her fingers yesterday and look you’ve grown up so prominent today. May God bless you against all the odds, and your brother is always there with you. I will do whatever I can do for you to do my best. It is not much often that I tell you, but yes, I do love you a lot.

You have been a great strength to me. I know even if the world goes against me, my sister will always be by my side. You have done a lot for me, and I acknowledge them. I value them a lot. Stay the same for me. I wish all the days of your life were as happy as this happy birthday is to you.

Now that you are growing up, I’d like to ask you to be very careful about your decision. If you find any difficulty at any point in your life, don’t hesitate to rush to me. I am always there for you. Take care; stay safe. 


(your name)

heart touching birthday letter for sister

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Template: 2

Happy Birthday Sister Letter

My dear loving sister [mention the name of your sister]

A very Happy Birthday. May this day be filled with all the happiness and enjoyment you seek. Do you still dance around the house like a young girl, as you used to do on your birthdays? Do you remember our birthdays as kids? What fun we used to have then. Remember those midnight birthday surprises. I miss them bad. Now that we both are in two different cities, I miss all those memories. 

As kids, our birthdays used to be so fun-filled. We had the custom to go to the church in the morning then, followed by a visit to the circus or the zoo or the theatre, and later eating out at the restaurant. You were always eager for the ice cream and waited for it till the end. 

Those days it was so exciting to unwrap our gifts. Do you still feel the same excitement while unwrapping the gifts? I still do. I miss those days so very much. I just wish we were together once again and can have all the fun and enjoyment that we used to have. 

On this birthday, I wish that may all your dreams come true. May you achieve all the success you seek for. May the almighty bless you in abundance. Just as I wish to tell you repeatedly that I love you so very much. The love and care you showered on me all these years is something that I can never forget. 

Now that you are busy building up your career, I know that you will achieve success in all the arenas.  

A Happy Birthday to you once again.

With love and hug,

Your loving [brother/sister]

[Mention Your Name]

heart touching birthday letter for sister

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Template: 3

A Birthday Letter to Sister

My dear [mention the name of your sister]

Wish you have a very happy and enjoyable Birthday. 

As we stayed in different cities and parted for many years, I miss you very much. Memories of your birthdays are still fresh in my mind; the fun and enjoyment that we used to have made me nostalgic. We used to [mention a special thing that your sister used to do], and it was such fun.

Do you remember going to the [mention the name of the place] on the morning of your birthday?  Then after that, we used to have [mention the activity]. It used to be such fun. Also, do you remember the picnics that we used to have? Your birthday was so auspicious to me.

Being the elder, you had always been so loving and caring to me. Your love and care were so precious to me. Though it is your birthday,, our parents had got the best daughter in the form of you. I am so lucky to be your only sibling.

May the Almighty shower you with His blessing and keep you happy forever. May his guidance be there on every path you follow.  May all your dreams come true.

God bless you forever

Your loving [brother/sister]

[Mention Your Name]

heart touching birthday letter for sister

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(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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