201+ Happy Friday WhatsApp Statuses

One of the biggest features of communication nowadays is WhatsApp status. People these days use WhatsApp status to express themselves, happiness, share love, and more. In contrast, here are some fun statuses to start your Friday weekend morning with by sharing on WhatsApp status. 

Happy Friday Whatsapp Status 

I have tried to tie the knot with other days, but none could compare to you. I love you my Friday!

I don’t like how Monday is close to Friday!

Though Friday slays me and goes away soon, I love it more. 

Finally, the days of hard work are over. Nuufff of slavery. Friday weekend night is here, fun fun fun…..

Coffee makes my days, and Fridays make my week. 

Fridays, Family, Friends, and Fun – all great things begin with “F!”

You can think every day as Friday if you have liberty.

We all are kids hiding behind professionals and counting days for Friday.

Fridays make me feel free & fabulous to live a life like a fairy-tale. 

I love jumping on my bed on Friday nights, feeling blessed that there will be no alarm in the morning- cause it’s the weekend!

Friday is the carrier of the essence of the weekend, freedom, and pleasure. 

Friday brings Relaxation from daily workloads, happiness and keeps everyone smiling!

Don’t let Thursday’s happy hour induce Friday’s blue morning hangover.

Friday is the day that colors my blank life after a hard-working week. It makes me feel alive again. 

I never met a single Friday to date that I didn’t like. 

When it’s Friday, I smell flowers around me, feel butterflies on my stomach. Finally, It’s the weekend!

Dang it, Monday blues, Tuesday gray, Wednesday, and Thursday too because I’m in love with Friday.

I really feel sad for the feeble, innocent brain cells that lost their lives over the crappy weekdays.

Friday is like a superhero who arrives on time and saves me from the captivity of the devil weekdays. 

Before I lose my phone, get drunk, high, end up naked, or possibly jailed, I wish you all a great Friday. :p

Welcome, my beloved Friday. I was waiting for decades to get lost in your arms. <3 

I have prepared to take off on behalf of my captain. All negative attitudes are stowed, Jack Daniels and myself, on the way abroad. 

I’m all set to find my sunshine and good life aspects on Friday after spending some quality time with me and myself.

It felt like a decade to reach Friday, and finally, it’s here. My love!

Nothing ruins your weekend mood faster than realizing that It’s only mid of the week. Ughhh!

After a long wait finally, FRIDAY comes, yay! *BLINK* “MONDAY.” WTF?

Hey Friday, I have missed you so much! Please say a little longer with me. Your last time visit was pretty quick!

For me, every Friday is  Good Friday.

Thursday is basically the form of Friday Eve. I am simply acting optimistic in life. 

Monday is too attached to me, but I am too attached to Friday! 

I know it’s only been 7 days that Me and Friday are apart, but it still feels like decades. 

Fridays are great. There will be no alarm on Saturday morning, no stress, only peaceful sleep & complete leisure. 

Friday is the best time to spend quality time with family, friends, and of course, with yourself. 

Do you know the best part about Fridays? They are the best event to invest some time in yourself. 

It’s Friday night! I hope you all have a blasting weekend night. Woohoo!

I hate radio stations. They play “Friday Night” by Katy Perry on Monday morning during my driveway to work!

Friday mornings smell like WEEKEND!!!!!

Why waiting till Friday for the weekend? I prefer mine on Monday, though! 

Oh, come on! I need one additional Friday as compensation for Monday to Thursday torture. 

Friday punch!: No work, No stress, No calls, No emails, No people!; Only partying. 

Fun Friday Whatsapp Status 

Friday is like a bra… it gave you backup all week long. Now it’s time to take it off, buddy! 

Oh, It’s Friday again? It’s time to transform into a happy soul and share love that I missed during the week. 

Friday is the day to create worthy and blissful moments. 

A train station stops the train. A bus station stops the bus. And my workstation that only Friday can stop! LOL!

Hey Friday, I’m glad that you are back. I don’t like the companionship of Monday or Thursday. 

Hey Friday, How have you been? Long time, no see!

Friday is the present gifted by God, to the working people…. Enjoy!

Oh god, it’s Friday night… I am feeling bad for those innocent beers. They don’t have any idea what’s coming next for ’em.

It’s a great idea to add more incredible memories to your blissful life… And Friday is the best chance for doing ’em!

I thank God….for making me fabulous, fable, and gifting me Friday.

Oh, you see me smiling for no reason?? Well, cause it’s Friday, buddy!

Hey Friday, can we hang out too often? Cause you add magic to my life.

Friday is the golden child, superhero, and welcome wagon of our lives. 

Friday afternoons feel like heaven.

Music always sounds better on Friday night.

Somebody, please tell my boss how unproductive I am on Fridays. Then he would not want me in the office either. 

FRIDAY is my second preferred word. Well, FOOD is the first! 

It’s 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon. Does anyone know where my Martini is? 

Though I agree every day in a year appears with an equal 24 hours. But I think Fridays are the most lasting and Sundays are the smallest ones! 

The weekend would be half over already if there are no Fridays. 

Friday Morning Vibes Whatsapp Status 

It’s Friday morning… It’s time to bestow good vibes for humankind & let the monstrosity see us smile!

Friday fact: The day in the week witnesses more smiles than any other weekday!

On Friday, you are you that is truer than true. There is no one life better than you.

Friday is the day to embrace the crazy lovely mess within you cause it’s weekend!

Stop waiting for Fridays to embrace your happiness, freedom, and love. The best thing comes when you stop waiting for it & live the moment you are in now.

Not everyone can do great things. You can do small things with a great heart. 

I wait all year for summer, all week for Friday, and life for happiness.

Every weekend I feel like patting my shoulder and high-five myself for surviving another week on inappropriate humor, willpower,  and a little more than caffeine. 

Friday night is the date night with me with my bed. We even sleep together!

If you start doing whatever you truly like or love, it will not matter whether it’s Friday or Monday. 

Friday is the golden day to enhance your empathy and share love that people have been missing throughout the week.

Friday Night forecast: 99% chance of wine! Yay!

Happy Friday! Here we all have made it to another week of falsifying adulthood. Cheers!

Oh! You can see a sparkle in my eyes, a smile on my lips, and coffee in my hand? Yep, it’s Friday, darling!

People say life is beautiful. Yeah, I believe so, especially on Friday!

I wanna be your sweet melody to the heart, a calm breeze to the mind, and smile of your Friday night. 

I wanna be your barefoot in the moonlight, summertime sunshine, and sweet ride on Friday night. 

There are no legit antonyms for Friday.

Life and Love – start flowering on Fridays, darling!

Most of your great moments in life happen on Friday night!

Yesterday we took too many shots, danced barefoot on tabletops because it was Friday night & I forgot what happened last stop!

May you have today the best Friday than ever Fridays.

When you do something you are compassionate about, You won’t care if it’s Friday or Monday. 

Life is excellent, exceptionally on a Friday.

Friday called me up and said no more tequila this weekend. She wants to have a whisky challenge with me! Bring it on! 

Making food and grooving with music are wondrous ways to spend a Friday night. 

I magically become a different person after 4 pm on Fridays.

Happiness is… It’s Friday.

Dear Friday, I’m so glad to be yours again. I felt vulnerable that Mon-Thurs made us apart! Don’t leave me ever.

Can somebody kidnap me on Thursday Night? I don’t wanna work Friday till 4 pm, please!

Have a great Thursday Morning! Sorry, but  I’m saving my “WOO HOO!” for Friday.

On Fridays, you are so close to liberation. 

No matter – if it’s Friday or Monday, treat each day of your life like Friday and take it to a new level of enthusiasm.


I wish a very bright, shimmery Friday to all beautiful humans.

Weeks are similar to humans. The middle ages are like long Monday afternoons, and youth are the encouraging Friday weekend night!

Like Kanye loves Kanye, I love my Fridays.

I don’t work on Fridays; I appear in the office only.

I’m deeply in love with Friday, and I can not be yours, Monday.

Hey Monday, get your hands up and give me my Friday back… no one would get hurt!

People chant god names. I chant – “FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY!”

I would like to thank my coffee for giving me the strength to survive through another messy workweek that literally feels like a whole damn year.

Shhhh! Friday just rang me up, it will be on time tomorrow, and it will bring wine!

Thursday feels like smashing my keyboard on my colleague savagely!

You rock FRIDAY. You make everything melodious!

It is Friday, and I am blessed that I am breathing, I am living, I am surviving. 

Weekend vibes: Coffee times, Friday nights, walking on moonlight late nights, it’s the day for drinking and hypes!

Long walks. Tasty food. Homey comfort. Nerdy joke.  Gentle spirit. Happy heart. Late-night talks. – All I want for Friday Nights. 

Friday is the best day ever for escapism. I like partying, going to late-night movies, and doing something fun. 

General Friday Whatsapp Status 

Things employed folk say – It is Friday, yay! Things self-employed folks say – Is it Friday? 

Thursday is not a day; It is a giant blockhead barring Friday. 

Fridays are meant to spill over.

It is Friday night! It is time to rescue some tequila trapped in a bottle.

You know – what’s the difference between Employers & employees? Employers enjoy Mondays, and Employees enjoy Fridays.

Want to have some free motivation? Think about paycheck on Fridays. 

I dunno why but Fridays are miraculously magical!

Mondays are the best day to build yourself, and Fridays are the best to spoil yourself. 

Make Friday the day to celebrate the hard work you have done the entire week. 

As I’m a very routined and realistic person, I love working Monday to Friday, all week long. 

You are bound to do something fun on Friday; otherwise, the universe will be upset with you. 

Friday is all about having a cheerful night and hanging with buddies.

Can I have the receipt for Monday? I want to exchange it for Friday.

I wait every week for Friday to be ashamed of what I do on weekends.

The workdays are best to piss people off and see their true colors except for Friday. 

Friday Humor for Whatsapp Status


Hey there Friday, come here you, sexy. I have been looking for you since Monday. 

Me, on every Friday, be like: Raise your cup and applause for surviving another week of “What the hell is next now?”

ALEXA, Please skip to FRIDAY!

It’s Friday, and believing in the laws of the universe – I should dance. 

Feeling FRIDAYLICIOUS!!!!!!!

Well…. well… well… Look who has finally decided to show up. Hello Friday!

Oh, it’s Friday! I need a bottle of wine, not coffee, dear. 

Woohoo! It’s Friday. I have made the entire week. What about you?

On Fridays, I wish to change my office water into vodka and start happy hour right away!

Friday is my day to chill at home! OM!

Is it only me, or do you all feel coffee tastes better on Fridays?

Oh Gosh! I can smell Friday.

That moment when you realize it’s Friday, Your salary has hit the account, and your boss is out of office.

I’m feeling like leaving my work on Friday with a glass of wine!

People suffer from Vitamin C, D, E. I am suffering from Vitamin F(RIDAY). 

Every Friday, I tell myself: Yeah! Today is going to be literally breaking!

Happy Friday Morning Whatsapp Status 

Have a shining Friday, spreading rays of KINDNESS, LOVE & SUNSHINE to all. 

If you are reading this status, I hope something great happens to you this Friday. 

Enjoy your weekend to the fullest. You never know what tomorrow will bring. 

Friday is a golden day to tell somebody how much you love them, miss them. 

Wish you a fantabulous Friday – May your cup overflow with joy, happiness, peace & pure happiness. 

Positivity is a choice that becomes a lifestyle. Never let go of an opportunity to wake up & smile with awesomeness.

Friday Motivation: Sometimes, it’s best to go with the flow as some great things work out of the best when you stop worrying & stressing. 

Life is not about cherishing only Friday. Life is about loving every day and showing gratitude for what you have. 

Friday is the day for kindness as it can make someone speak with love, listen with patience & act with compassion. 

Friday is the period of the week to place a full stop on your week goals. 

Friday brings the weekend, which is the fuel for your own engine to work fast on Monday. 

It’s Friday & I deserve a break! I’m done.

In the universe, Friday afternoons are filled with positive expectancy.

I personally prefer Fridays because I can let go and celebrate my stressful week and prepare my mind for the upcoming battle. 

The smell of pancakes+ Coziness -Alarm clock = FRIDAY WEEKEND!!!

On Friday, whatever makes me feel alive, good I keep it & whatever makes me feel less, I drop it. 

It’s Friday morning. Let the stress monster of the week go & enjoy the weekend.

Never miss an opportunity to smile often. And Friday is the opportunity, guys!

Wake up & greet every moment of the day with a fabulous smile. You have successfully lived brand new 24 hours before you!

It’s moving forward Friday! So, eliminate all unimportant things, focus on yourself & simplify your life. Dream good, goal higher!

Without a plan, you are going to stay where you are now. It’s time to push a bit and move. 

F= Fabulous. R= Regular. I= Important. D= Desirable. A= Adorable. Y= Youthful.

I wish, this Friday, brings a blank canvas in your life for you to paint with your favorite yet beautiful colors. 

Bless God, Friday is here again. I hope the day comes with less strenuous & maximum blessings.

It’s Friday. Go out and shine for the universe like a diamond. 

Friday is a holy good day. Wherever you go, God’s blessing will be with you. 

Nothing can stop you from shining on Friday because you are a star, my dear.

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