Graduation Letter to My Daughter from Mom: 6 Templates

Graduation is a very emotional moment for both parents and their children. So when you know that they are graduating, you must express your feelings, tell them how much you are proud of them and what it means to graduate.

Guide them for a life which is waiting for them after graduation. Graduation changes life, they suddenly grow, the environment changes and they have more responsibilities and they are closer to their dream.

Your daughter is graduating from college. It is a big moment for her and the entire family. Hence a congratulatory letter is in order. In this letter, you should wish her the very best of luck. Are you unable to find the right words for drafting the letter?

We have got you back. If you need help in writing such letters then you are at the right place. Here you shall find multiple templates written by our very best writers. 

Letter Template: 1

Graduation Letter to My Daughter from Mom

Dearest “Name of girl”, 

It is elusive to communicate all that we are feeling today. Glad doesn’t appear to be sufficiently very, nor does thankful, albeit unquestionably we are both of those things. 

Today denotes the finish of one part, yet in addition the beginning of another one. The pages are clear, the plot yours to make.

We have no uncertainty. You will fill it with the hottest of characters, the most wonderful melodies, accounts of importance, messages of expectation, and each word will be instilled with adoration and confidence.

What’s more, in any event, when the pages have snapshots of hardship, which makes certain to occur, we realize you will dive down profoundly and tap into those exact same holds that have helped you previously and at long last, you will drive forward and rise significantly more grounded for the difficulties. 


graduation congratulation letter to daughter

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Letter Template: 2

Graduation Letter to My Daughter from Mom

Dear little girl, 

We trust in you. We generally have. We have faith in your heart and your fantasies. We have confidence in your expectations and wants.

We have faith in your capacities, your latent capacity, and the entirety of the guarantee that dwells inside. Furthermore, regardless of how old you get, we will consistently be your most prominent team promoters and most given fans.

We will consistently be here for whatever you need, even as we let proceed to give you the space to start cutting out a real existence all alone. Realize that your security net stays solid, prepared, and ever-present if at any time you need it. 

May you go ahead from solidarity to quality. May you increase a more profound feeling of self and reason. May you keep on carrying euphoria to those favored to know you. May you never lose your excitement forever, music, and your Jewish confidence. May you hold quickly to your fantasies. 

We love you generally. 

Mother and Dad 

graduation congratulation letter to daughter

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Letter Template: 3

Letter from Mom to Daughter Graduation

Dear love, 

As a matter of first importance, I am happy that your school plans to remember our contribution to your vocation direction program.

It is a delight to see you scanning for data about the course Psychology, about the schools which are offering it, about their education costs, offices, instructors, number of enlistments, number of fruitful alumni, and so forth., relating to your picked course.

I am particularly appreciative that your school sees the significance of parental information with respect to their youngsters’ decisions on school courses (seeing that the guardians are the ones paying for it I presume!). 

I have seen your exertion. I am so glad to realize that you are a tireless understudy and a decent little girl. I realize that whatever course you may have picked, you have thoroughly considered it, and gauged all the advantages and disadvantages.

One thing I ask, in any case, is that you settle on a choiceless on the grounds that you have preferred and concluded, this is it, not even in light of the fact that we, your folks loved it and needed it to be your decision. 


graduation congratulation letter to daughter

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Letter Template: 4

Letter to My Graduating Daughter

To my dear sweet Emma 

I began to look all starry-eyed at you the moment you were brought into the world on that delightful, mysterious Sunday afternoon date of birth. You were such a sweet, tranquil infant – a genuine Sunday’s youngster.

This was the beginning of our excursion together. We have shared such huge numbers of stunning encounters, and I have cherished being your mother. I will consistently be your greatest fan! It has been a delight to see you become such a practiced young lady. 

On May 21st, your school graduation will speak to another enchanted day. The day you start your next section throughout everyday life and I am certain it will be great. Going to Bucknell was your fantasy – and dig for you – yet you accomplished the work, and you ought to be pleased with what you have achieved! I love your persistence.

It was not in every case simple, yet you grasped each challenge with the conviction that you could accomplish what you set your focus on. What’s more, you did – congrats! 

Love consistently, Mom XOXO 

graduation congratulation letter to daughter

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Letter Template: 5

Graduation Letters to Daughter

Hi little girl, 

You will get loads of guidance on the best way to carry on with your life. There is just one suggestion that I might want to give you. Love yourself – consistently be consistent with yourself and trust your inward compass to control you.

Recollect it begins with you, and in the event that you love yourself, you will have the option to adore others and give unequivocally. This isn’t tied in with being egotistical, it is tied in with being real and being you, so you can carry bliss and joy to yourself as well as other people.

Many thanks to you for allowing me the chance to be your mother! I have gained such a great amount from you and will consistently adore you and be appreciative that I was picked to have such an uncommon girl. 

Wishing you karma and heaps of affection 

graduation congratulation letter to daughter

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Letter Template: 6

Graduation Day Letter from Mom to Daughter Graduation

Dear baby, 

Your gifts and accomplishments are many, yet I am generally glad for you for your sympathy and compassion for other people. You are an insightful soul, and I have constantly valued your consideration and the astute guidance that you share with our family.

You can generally be depended on to help with undertakings, and you enthusiastically join to help other people. It is a treat to eat the delectable dinners you get ready for your father and me.

You have a characteristic ability for making astounding sound plans. I additionally anticipate the time we go through together at the ends of the week going to yoga and lunch or simply hanging out.

Remain consistent with yourself and these attributes – they are your superpowers throughout everyday life and make you the remarkable individual that you are! 

With loads of affection 

Complete Name

graduation congratulation letter to daughter

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