Graduation Letter to Friend: 4 Templates and Emails

Letter Template: 1

Graduation Letter to Friend

Dear [mention the name of your friend]

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your graduation day. Being your best friend for [mention the number of years], I am proud of you that you got [mention the percentage] overall. I am sure you will be receiving the best blessings from your uncle and aunty and other family members as well. Apart from that, this truly calls for a celebration.

I have seen you working hard day and night and I understand that it was due to your unending determination, positivity, and hard work that you were able to pass with flying colors. I further believe that your integrity and ethics will make you achieve many great things in life. Right from tomorrow onwards, it is going to be a new beginning for you in life and I know that here too, you will do a great job.

By the way, I knew that you are going to score well, so I have already arranged a surprise gift for you, one that will make you truly happy. You have always been the smartest among all of us in the group and the graduation ceremony will offer fulfillment and greatness in your life. You not only made us proud but have made sure that the name of [mention the name of the college] is remembered for you. I knew that you are always going to do well in your life.

I believe that you are indeed one of the best students in the entire history of your college. I wish you all the best for the beginning of your career and I hope that your career can bring all the happiness that you have always talked about. After all, more than for anyone else, more than for yourself, you want to be successful in life because of your parents and I know that you will be.

[mention your name]

Graduation Letter to Friend

Letter Template: 2

A Lovely Graduation Letter to Friend

Hey [mention the nickname of your friend]

A very congratulations to you on your graduation day. I still feel unbelievable that our [mention the nickname], who always used to be the no. 1 prank master actually got a [mention the percentage]. You always got on your parents’ nerves and in spite of us making you understand, you never took life seriously.

So, while fooling us, you secretly studied, you secretly planned to surprise us like this? It is a very pleasant one indeed though, and I can’t be happier than I already am. You always made us worried about your future and uncle and aunty often used to tell me to have a word with you, but whenever I tried to speak to you, you changed the subject always and that used to put an end to the topic or the entire conversation.

I am so glad that you finally understood. Uncle and aunty have worked hard all their life to give you a good life and now, it is your turn to do something for them. Today, your graduation day has marked a new beginning in your life and I know that you will be doing well in your career too. I believe in you and your capability, which I always had. Being your close friend for over [mention the time period], I know you have great potential.

All you need is some continuous motivation and for that, your parents and, we will always be there, though, after how happy you have made us today, what we expect in return is a promise that you will continue with the hard work, putting the same amount of effort in future as well, and you will never give up in life.

A small graduation party is held for you in the evening. We are going to have a blast today!

[mention your name]

A Lovely Graduation Letter to Friend

Letter Template: 3

A Heartfelt Graduation Letter to Friend

To my dear [mention the nickname of your friend],

It is our graduation day and I am so glad that we all passed with good results. Don’t you dare laugh at me for what I am going to say to you next? Okay, the entire college life was a smooth journey for me and a huge credit goes to you, and your friendship. 

I still remember that day vividly when I entered this college and there was hardly anyone with whom I was comfortable speaking. I have always been a bit shy and introverted I guess, but my life’s major turning point was when you approached me with your weird friendship proposal. I mean come on dude, who shouts ‘’can we be friends’’ and that too at the top of your voice from the fifth floor of a building? You scared me and were almost suspended for pulling that kind of a stunt. 

It was when you went on insisting on being friends and I slowly got to know you that I realized that you are truly a one-of-a-kind friend to be. Right from those days, to this day, you have helped me a lot. You were different but then you were always brilliant in academics and helped me too, whenever I got stuck anywhere. Plenty of times, you saved me from trouble as well, coming up with some odd excuses in front of my parents, and they believed you! It still feels so unbelievable! 

I don’t know, after this day where we both are going to be, in which profession we will finally end up, but what I do know is that you will always do great in life, and like in academics, you will shine in your career as well.

Many congratulations to you for being the best student of our batch, receiving [mention the percentage]. I hope that you end up doing well in the future too, with a lot of health and wealth.

Of course, we will stay in touch always.

[mention your name]

A Heartfelt Graduation Letter to Friend

Letter Template: 4

A Letter to Friend on Graduation

To my dear buddy [mention the name],

Finally, it is our graduation day, and who would have known that the naughtiest guy in our group would turn out to be the smartest guy too. Man, you scored an unbelievable [mention the percentage] overall, not only the highest among us, but you managed to beat the entire department! Seriously, who would have known that you will be surprising us like this!

I am sure, uncle and aunty and [mention the name] are very happy today. You will be showered with gifts and will be receiving all the love in this world. Lucky you! I am happy for you too and I hope that you get more recognition for your hard work in the future as well. None of us actually know what the future has in store for us, but now that we have all grown up, what we can do is continue giving our best to achieve success in life.

I don’t know whether our group is going to remain the same as well or not but being your friend what I would like to tell you at this moment is life is full of ups and downs, so even if things don’t go well sometimes, never get disappointed and always be cheerful and go on putting genuine efforts in everything, be it your personal or professional life.

You know what I believe in, right? When life offers you the best, accept it with open arms and when life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it (laughs).I know that you will do well. 

By the way, the entire group wants a party from you on your achievement today. After all, making history and such a record in [mention the name of the college] is not an easy task. We don’t want just any party, but we want a lavish one.

Congratulations, [mention the name of your friend]

[mention your name]

A Letter to Friend on Graduation

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