Graduation Invitation Letter Example: 4 Templates

It is not every day that a person graduates from an educational program. A graduation is a special event in the life of most individuals. To make this day even more special, the presence of family and friends is solicited.

Hence, as the dean or head of an educational institute, you may have to write a letter of invitation to the family of the graduating class in order to invite them to witness the proud moment in the life of their wards.

Letter Template: 1

Graduation Invitation Letter

Your Name

Your Address

Street, City, State




[Mention the name]

[Mention the address]

City, State, Zip-code

Subject- Letter of Invitation for Graduation

Dear sir/madam

I am [mention the name] and I am the [mention the designation] of the institution named, [mention the name]. I am writing this letter to all the parents of the students of the batch [mention the batch details]. This letter is to invite you to the graduation party to mark the end of the academic year.

This event is scheduled on [mention the date] and it will start from [mention the time]. The students will be felicitated by the honorable principal and they will get their degree certificates.  We expect the presence of the parents as they are an important part of their child’s life.

We are looking forward to the day and the event. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

[Name of the sender]

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Letter Template: 2

Graduation Invitation Letter

Mention your name

Mention your address

Street, city, state


Mention the date


[Mention the name]

[Mention the address]

City, state, zip-code

Subject- Letter of invitation for graduation

Dear sir/madam

On behalf of [mention the name of the educational institution], I, [mention your name], the [mention your designation] am writing this letter to inform you that you are cordially invited to attend the graduation ceremony of your children on [mention the date] at [mention the time]. We will be delighted if both the parents of our students can spare some time for it, out of their busy schedules.

Graduation day is an important part of every student’s life, as it marks the successful completion of an academic year and a new beginning of life, whether it is for higher studies or a professional career. Every child is nervous and wants to see their parents for greater motivation and support and we feel that parents being the most important part of a child’s life should be there with them on this day, to support and encourage them.

The graduation ceremony will take place at [mention the location with full address] and Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. [mention the name], our educational institution’s respected trustee will be present and will be doing the honors of certificate distribution. Each student will be asked to say a few words and after that, we have arranged a small after-graduation party on the campus where food and mocktails will be served. We are attaching a detailed list of events for the day so that you can plan ahead and not miss out on any part of your child’s big achievement.

We truly hope that all the parents are present on this day to witness such an important moment in their child’s life. We will also see to it that you enjoy your time here to the fullest.

In case you have any questions, you can write back to us at [mention the email ID] or you can call at [mention the number]. 

Yours Sincerely

[Mention the name of the sender]

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Letter Template: 3

Graduation Invitation Letter

Dear mom and dad,

I am so excited to write this letter. I am inviting you to attend my graduation ceremony which will take place soon. I can’t believe that I am finally graduating from [mention the name of the educational institution]. These [mention the number] of years seemed like [mention the number] long centuries to me, but the day is coming, when I will be finally beginning a new chapter of my life.

Though all the [mention the number of semesters] were convenient to pass, you know how difficult these last [mention the number] of semesters have been for me. I had a truly tough time, trying to grasp the concepts behind the hard theories of [mention the name of the person]. There was a time when I felt that maybe I would have to repeat another year and there’s no way in the world that I will pass, and it was only after I had a word with you and dad that I felt at ease and the panic subsided. My exams went well too.

Had it not been for you and dad then I would never have been able to survive alone in this big city. You two always encouraged me, supported me, and asked me to follow my dreams, be it when I told you that I will be studying in this institution for better career opportunities in the future or be it when you motivated me with your inspirational words when I was losing my resolve to do well.

You guys have always played a critical role in my life and I want both of you to be there with me when I will be getting my certificate on [mention the date]. The ceremony will begin at sharp [mention the time] and the photo clicking session of each student and his or her family will be at [mention the time]. Refreshments will also be served in between.

See you soon.

Miss you and love you,

Yours lovingly,

[Mention your name]

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Letter Template: 4

Ideal Graduation Invitation Letter

Dear sir or madam,

I hope everything is going well and that, you are in good health. I am happy, excited yet nervous while writing this letter. My graduation day ceremony is soon coming on [mention the date] and it will take place on the college campus. Actually, I have been informed that, apart from the certificate, I will be awarded a gold medal in [mention the name of the subject] for standing first in the entire department and I don’t know what to do, what to say, how to react.

I can’t express how nervous I am. On one hand, I am extremely happy that I will be getting it, but on the other, it’s making me speechless. However, one thing that I know for sure is that whatever I am today is because of you. Your constant motivation, immense faith in my capability, hard work, and genuine efforts had helped me reach my academic goals today.

Had it not been for your support, I wouldn’t have been here. You guided me whenever I got stuck somewhere and helped me whenever I needed it. Apart from my parents, if I respect someone immensely then it’s you, sir or madam. I was extremely lucky to have you.

I know you are very busy right now, helping other students, and guiding them, but if you could please spare some time for me then I would like you to come along with me to my graduation ceremony. I am inviting you on this big day of mine. The duration is just [mention it] and a photo-clicking session and a small after-graduation party after that.

I would like to dedicate this honor, my journey’s success to you. I hope you will consider it and will make me grateful for your presence.

Thank you so much for everything. I will be waiting for your response.


[Mention your name]

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