Goodbye Letter to Wife Example: 4 Templates

If you are finding some sample letters for the topic of goodbye letter to wife then you are in the proper place. Here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic of goodbye letters with a proper format.

Now you are one step away to complete your letter just follow the below letters and easily complete it. While writing your letter you can easily express your feelings with the proper words and format which we have discussed here.

Template: 1

Goodbye Letter to Wife

Dear [Insert the name of the receiver]

At this very moment, while I write this letter to you, I can’t stop wiping the smile off my face as I look back to the day of our wedding; the Lord’s faithfulness that has been with us since the past [ insert the number of years since the wedding] years.

As we exchanged our vows, we had promised to have each other’s back, and hold each other forward in sickness, and in health; for better and for worse; to love and to cherish forevermore. It brings a sense of pride in my heart each time I say, that you have never failed to fulfill all those commitments, even when it took for you to sacrifice our life of being together.

I have lost a number on how many times I counted myself to be favored having a life partner like you. You are the reason for this promotion, for this opportunity, the success, to where I have reached, and to what I have become today.

I just wanted to say a thank you for believing in me at times that I could not. You have always been a source of strength and encouragement through every high and low that went past us. I am writing this letter to remind you that even though we are physically away from each other, our hearts have an inseparable place for each other.

Until we meet the next time,

With lots of love,

[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

 [ Insert the contact details]

goodbye to wife letter

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