Goodbye Letter to Mother: 4 Types Templates

The most important person in any child’s life is the mother. Whatever you learn in life, you get to learn your first lessons from your mother. No matter what you do, how many mistakes you make, she still forgives you.

Going away from your life’s biggest support system is really a huge pain and writing a goodbye letter to her is most difficult. In order to make things smooth and easy for you, I have written an effective sample letter, seeing which you can frame yours without any issue.

Template: 1

Goodbye Letter to Mother

Dear [Insert the name of the receiver]

From helping me set my first tiny steps when I was a toddler, to always ensuring my school rides were the most fun, to teaching me life’s best lessons, and providing for every need of mine; in this past [ insert the age of the sender] years of my life, we have had our set of joyful moments, differences in our opinions, imparting intellectual thoughts, and a lot of shopping.

It cost you several sacrifices when it came to prioritizing for my care, and you always chose my need first.I am filled with gratitude to have you as my mother.

You have been one of the most important parts of my life. I know you that are the happiest to have known that I started my new venture in [ insert the field of the business]; but I am even aware that you are equally filled with the pain of being away from me, as I move to [ insert the relevant location]

I am filled with the same amount of pain for being away from you too! I did not want to write this letter to bid my goodbye or farewell to you, but instead, I want this to be a reminder of how much you mean to me.

Thank you for raising me to be strong, kind, and remain grounded to my values. I will miss you a lot. Sending lots of love and prayers to you.

Until we meet the next time,

Take care,

[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

[ Insert the contact details]

goodbye letter to mother

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Template: 2

Saying goodbye to a mother is the most emotional experience for anyone. Using these letter formats you can write a farewell letter for your mother who is going to a place to attend a ceremony or has shifted to a new city for some reason.

You must include the place, the date of leaving, and the recipient’s name in your letter.

You can write how she has protected you and always taken care of you from the day you were born. You can also add a few words to wish her a safe journey.

Mother Farewell Letter

Dear Mother,

My hands are shivering while writing this farewell letter to you. It is the toughest task to bid you goodbye though I know you have to go to [Name of The Place] for [Purpose Of Going There] on [Date]. I understand your decision to leave, but still, it is hard to accept your absence in my life.

You have been my backbone since my birth. You are my superhero. In every step of my life, you have supported, and encouraged me. Whenever I was in trouble, you held my hand and guided me toward the right path. You are my world. Thank you for the valuable lesson you have taught me.

My heart is wrenching, and my eyes are shedding to say goodbye to you. I am going to miss you badly. In your absence, our sweet memories will be the reasons for my smile. I am grateful to you for your unconditional love, care, support, guidance, advice, and so on and on. You are irreplaceable in my life.

I just want you to be happy and healthy. Please always keep smiling. I love you so much. Take care, and I hope to meet you soon.

Your loving,

[Sender’s Name].

mother farewell letter

Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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