200+ Best Good Morning Whatsapp Statuses

What can be a better way than to wake up and start off your day with a positive yet blissful good morning WhatsApp status that can make someone smile too?

A bright morning can count as an essential part of happiness instead of a night’s sleep. In case you feel low or need some motivation, these 100+ good morning sayings will make your everyday bright. 

Whatsapp Status for Blessed Morning

This is a new day, new hope, new opportunity for a fresh beginning with a new blessing. Good morning!

I always hope that your skills and talents get the respect it deserves. Have a great morning!

I pray for your mornings to be as bright as your smile. 

It always seems IMPOSSIBLE until you remove the ‘IM’ and place it like “I’M POSSIBLE.”

Every morning I wake up and whisper to myself- I CAN DO IT!

Think, Behave and Be Positive. That’s what I follow. Enjoy an emphatic morning!

Every sunrise brings a gift for every one of us. It is up to us, shall we claim it or miss it. 

Hey, dear, the sun has risen to wish you a blissful morning.

Every morning is a fresh opportunity, a fresh start for those who seek it. Like me!

Most people think that they turn old with years. But for me, I become new to newer every day without any fear. 

Amateurs wait until inspiration. But the true Maestros like me get up and work! 

Good morning fact: Some days, we all are, especially I required to create our own sunshine. 

This morning, I promise myself to enjoy every LITTLE THING. 

Remember, a grateful and kind heart is a magnet for miracles. 

Me to myself: “Great Job! You have unlocked a new version of yourself this morning.”

Self-reminder: Let’s Do This! Make it a productive morning.

Every morning comes with a blank canvas. It will be everything that you will make out of it. 

Hey, beautiful, wake up and see the day has already started! 

It is the day to remove “IM” and make it “POSSIBLE.” 

May this sunrise be a step forward for me to fulfill my most devoted dreams. Good morning.

Bask in the sun. Do your dreams. Do not forget to drink more water. And, Smile. I wish you a very satisfying morning. 

Remember, the impossibility of yesterday is the possibility of the present day. 

Hey, lovely, I hope you have a fairytale day ahead. Good morning. 

Me to myself: “Congratulations! You have woken up to a newer you.” 

Wake up, darling, open your eyes and make this day count. Good morning. 

This morning is a new opportunity for me to start from scratch to make it up to the mark. 

A new morning is a fresh scope for us to make us of the highest quality. 

On this day, experience a new version of yourself and enjoy a marvelous you. 

Let me guess. You do not have plans ready for the day? Worry not! Let the day surprise you enough. Good morning.

While enjoying your first sip of coffee, counting your day proves to be a great morning.

The day may throw challenges on me, but I have woken up with solutions to a throwback.

I should get up and experience another radiant day of my life. I appreciate a really pleasant morning.

Every morning, I dream of rising and shining next to you. 

“rise and Shine” Morning Status for Whatsapp 

Positivity alert: Rise and write in your heart – “Each and every day is the best day out of the year.”

I wake up and whisper that it is going to be an imposing day. Cause I refuse to have a bad day ever. 

New morning goals: Two mugs of coffees possibly sprinkled with kindness. 

The early morning walk is a lifetime blessing that you can get! 

Every single morning, I wake up saying that I am still breathing. It is a miracle, and so I continue plunging. 

If you are looking at exciting things, dream of changing the world. You would feel excited to rise in the morning. 

While I get up in the morning, I start thinking about what a prized privilege it is to breathe, think, love, enjoy, live. 

Every morning, rise and smile in the mirror to shine. You will start seeing differences in your life. 

I always praise the privilege that I have the freedom to wake up in the morning and choose to have tea or coffee. 

Some folks fantasize about success, and I just wake up every morning and make the dream happen. 

I used to love nights more than days. But since I have grown up, I was able to find more joy and hope in the morning lights.

Don’t take mornings for granted. It is the most significant part of the day that decides how your rest of the day will be. 

Early hours let us see unseen, glory, distant beauty within everything. 

Early morning is what conquers all the vagueness, standing clear as crystal by moving down us against the soul.

The best way to accept highs and lows is to accept early mornings.

The best way I start off my day is with a good head on my shoulder, patting and saying -” it is going to be an unforgettable day!”

Always think about creating after arising quickly in the morning would help you find something creative to do with life. 

If I lose an hour in the morning, I will keep looking for the time in the entire day. 

The first thing everyone should do before leaving the bed is, say out loud, “I believe in times.”

Morning reminder: Nothing can teach you anything if you do not say it. If you wish to learn something, proceed by listening. 

Every morning, I wake up smiling. Yes, you read that right. I start my day off with a smile. 

The secret to a bright day is to rise in the morning and think of having a better future. 

Each single morning usher a cheerful invitation. 

Every morning fills my life with simplicity, innocence, kindness, and the gifts of nature. 

In the present day, you have to be optimistic while opening your eyes in order to survive the end game. 

It is one of my core goals that I will wake up in the morning, will be saturated with loads of excitement. 

Each morning, something special, exciting awaits and approaches you. You need to recognize and make the most out of it. 

Having a positive attitude for the entire day and twist and turn your life into something best. 

Every day I learn to love myself a bit more. I sleep at night with myself and get up with a better version of myself. 

I found no reason to hate the life that has given so much to me. 

I get up with the sunrise and desire to improve the world with me. 

Every morning, I desire to enjoy the world best for me. 

The prime key to success is to have lunch in the daytime when most people have their breakfast. 

I wake up in the morning with a heart that is light. It feels so volatile, which makes my day bright. 

Dads, make your child look at the mirror every morning and say, “Today is going to be a splendid day. I can and I will.”

Listen to the breeze at dawn. It has something exceptional to tell you. 

With the new heyday, there comes new thoughts, new strength, and new opportunities. 

I find the hope delightful of a new dawn. 

I look for a fresh try with one more beginning that perhaps is magical, somewhat behind the blissful morning. 

The main love lies within the dawning and dusking stars. 

To me, the sunrise without you feels like dwindling dawn. 

Let there be love flow for each morning. Let there be the light of joy in each pathway. 

If nobody notices the beautiful things you do, don’t be sad. The sun creates dazzling spectacles each morning, yet most people still sleep. 

In this broken world, being alive and witnessing a fresh morning every day is a serious thing, indeed.

I believe nobody can get back in the past to start a new beginning. But anyone can start off and make today a new ending. 

You probably shorten your mornings by rising late. 

I look at the morning as the quintessence of life to a certain stretch of sacredness. 

Never rise and wonder why you are here instead of shining. Rise and wonder how you are not making it better and precise.

I prefer my morning to be bright and coffee to be dark and light. 

The sun is the gentle reminder that you too, can rise from yesterday’s darkness and shine on your own light. 

If anything goes against your will, remember that the ship flows against the waves, and planes take off against the wind, not with it. 

Life is what you make it. It always has been the same, and it will remain the same. 

It is better to be disappointed when you fail instead of being doomed without trying.

Even the worst coffee tastes better on a bright morning. 

Every human being should experience at least one sunrise a day. 

Fun Morning Quotes for Whatsapp Status

I despise it that each day morning comes whether I set the alarm on or off. 

Every morning I crave “Tea-quilla!”

How to start your day with optimism? Wake up in the morning and feel yourself being a billionaire without tax-paying.

Don’t face facts in your life. If you do so, you can never get up from bed in the morning. 

I agree that mornings are splendid. But the only flaw it has is that it arrives at such an inconvenient time of the day. 

I arise and tell my mind, I’m gonna work hard today. With an awkward laugh, my mind says, “Good Joke, buddy!”

I hate it when my dream of “no alarm” day and my dream shatters with the alarm itself. 

Few people get up with infinite energy. Few people arise from the bed drowsy. (I’m this ‘few people’).

Every morning, I do not rise and shine but dead. 

Somebody tell the sun that I am allergic to him!

My parents want me to be a morning person. Well, I could if morning starts arriving in the afternoon. 

I keep the button of dreams on and hit the snooze button again and again. 

People say early risers usually make progress. I say it’s made by lazy people finding easier ways to achieve something. 

Actually, I like the early lights. It is nice to visit and discover things, but it is not made up for me. 

Good morning is an unfavorable term for me to accept. 

Well, waking up at 7.30 a.m a terrible thing suitable for average, well-adjusted adults. I am just 20.

My morning ride to snooze the alarm button is as far as taking a shower, having breakfast, and bolting out of the door. 

The goal of the day: Coffee and kindness. Maybe kindness after two mugs of coffee!

I prefer coffee instead of tea because it gives me the illusion that I might have woken. 

Weekday mornings are not suitable for me. I need a bottle of tequila, not coffee. 

Even if I get drunk in the morning, I will still be ugly, for a practical matter of fact. 

On Monday mornings, I dunno how, but I feel a little older than me. 

My brain is an unknown creature. It starts working after the moment I get up from the bed until I enter my office. 

Each morning I look at the Forbes list of the richest. If I do not find my name, I get up and go to work. Alas!

I don’t understand people who don’t drink. I think they are robots!

I need four shots in the morning to feel myself and four more to feel good all day. 

Hi, can someone tell me where my morning sense is? We had a fight last night, and I think I lost it. 

Does anyone yawn and stretch luxuriously by making noise, or is it only me? Actually, I feel better doing this. 

Every morning, I rise from the bed like a sloth in the form of a frog. 

Since I have grown up, every dawning and dusk feels like a guilt trip. 

People say love is blind. I think they met in the morning because I cannot see anything during bright sunup time. 

I awake and lay down in the bed waiting for mum to prepare me breakfast. Suddenly I realize that I am the mum!

I hate mornings because they start so early! 

The best way to get up early from the bed still feels like treasure hunting to me. Full of mystery!

The horribly good temper of morning people irritates me the most. 

Every morning I feel like breaking the damn alarm. All of a sudden, something reminds me it costs hundreds of bucks! 

I usually don’t favor the mornings as it is the most responsible time of the day. 

I dunno how the day-spring expects me to face the change and responsibility, being a challenging authority. 

Positive people in the morning feel as if they have already conquered the trek to Everest. 

Okay, morning. I need to get up. My dear coffee needs me!

Getting up early in the morning is the most laborious job I start my day with. 

Encouraging Good Morning Sayings for Whatsapp Status

If you plan to change the world, you have to start with yourself by waking up early in the morning. 

Once you wake up and start realizing how privileged you are that you are breathing, smiling, and living – you’ll begin enjoying mornings. 

May the sunlight bring peace and grace for you today and every day.

If the person you love seriously wants to be with you, they will make commendable efforts, no reasons, no excuse. 

Don’t wake up thinking what you couldn’t do yesterday. Wake up thinking about what you can do to achieve it today.

This morning, promise yourself to hold positive thoughts and relish every moment of the day with joy. 

Our beautiful lives just do not happen automatically. It is built with humanity, love, sacrifice, compassion, and daily prayer. 

You are a precious gem and a limited & exclusive edition. Don’t let others take you for granted.

Mostly, difficult roads lead us to majestic destinations. Savor this beautiful morning. 

It costs zero to show gratitude for what you have. Good morning. 

I want to love you not the rest of the day or the rest of your life but the rest of me. 

Hey, I just want to let you know that you are special, unique, and very much needed. 

Hey, I want you to wake up feeling exceptional. Have a blissful morning!

The maximum of our problems is stuck in between MIND and MATTER. If you don’t mind, it will not matter. 

If you are reading this status, just remember, the sunlight makes the sky tint blue. It is magnificent, so are you!

Every morning is another chance, another blessing of life. 

I should not take anything for granted and praise my breath as a gift from the Lord. 

Just in case no one yet told you, you are doing great, and I believe in you. Have a blessed morning today. 

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