Holiday Email or Letter to Employees : 7 Best Samples

Acceptance Holiday Email or Letter to Employees : 7 Best Samples

Holiday Email or Letter to Employees : 7 Best Samples

Employees are the family every boss spends time more than their blood family. It is very important that you give a personal touch to your professional relations, this way your employees keep trusting you and feel an integral part of the company. Usually, every company goes on a holiday for the year-end where they spend some time out of the office to come back fresh and rejuvenated for the next year.

How to write good holiday Email to your employees-

  • Use a very polite language
  • Wish them health along with their family
  • Assure them that they will not be disturbed during this period.
  • Make sure you convey what a good holiday means
  • Tell them you want to see them smile once they are back

Good Holiday Email & Letters Templates

Sample 1

Hello team,

It makes me extremely happy that it’s that time of the year when we finally will not have seen each other’s faces. ( Wink) . Jokes apart, I want to convey my best regard to each one of you and your family members who have been waiting to spend some quality time with you.

Throughout the year we work tirelessly and hence I want to say this is the break you all deserve and trust me the company is working in good health because of your continuous work and support. Though I am going to miss coming to the office every day I wish to see you all back with a smiling face, stories of vacation, and your energy fully restored.

Make every moment worth it and enjoy the holidays.



Sample 2

Hey team,

I know I know, you dont have time to read my email as this is the last hour before we all head home for a 15 days holiday. This is the time we all wait for even more than promotions and increment and trust me being your boss, I wait for it even more than you. 

As much as work is important, holidays are important too. We all need to have a life outside the office with our friends and families who help us in relieving the stress that we carry with us. I wish that you all just forget work and enjoy this time. Come back with energy and stories to share with all of us about how the family makes you happy, how travel to some remote place made you feel relaxed. 

This holiday is for all of us and thanks to you everyone one of you because of whom I and this company exist. Each one of you is important to us. Happy holidays, merry Christmas and happy new year.



Sample 3

Hello, my dear team,

This makes me happier than you all to announce, today is the last working day before we all head to a week-long holiday. I know you all must be having a huge list of things to do in this time and trust I to have it. We all need to keep our bags of stress and workload in the office only and enjoy this time.

I want to convey my regards to your families, who wait for one whole year before anything adventurous can be done together. Wishing you ll love, joy, and happiness. DO every possible fun thing and come back with more energy. 

With Love



Sample 4

Dear team,

You all experts across departments have worked tirelessly for the whole year and I wish that this holiday should come twice a year. I am grateful to each one of you in the team who have helped the company grow from 5 employees to 500 today. It is your hard work of day and night which has helped us become one of the most preferred business partners in Asi-pacific. 

This holiday that you have got is the one you have deserved more than anyone else in this world it is time that you go spend time with your kids and tell them stories, meet your loved one and go for date night or your friends and just hang out in the nearby cafe. Do whatever you want and just stay happy. Your happiness is what keeps us moving ahead. 

P.S If you need an extension to drop me a mail. I will be happy to help.



Sample 5

Hello, my team,

I know we barely take breaks and that in fact affects our productivity, it hinders our interest in work and makes us just come like zombies to the office and trust me no boss wants to see you come like a zombie here. We want our employees to be happy, to be adventurous to explore more opportunities. 

This holiday is the one that you deserve and the one you have earned with your constant hard work. No one can let you not have it, I want you to go out explore the life other than work, I want you to meet people, tell stories and of course, listen as well. This year I want to announce that from now one, every employee will be liable to get one week of vacation other than this, any time of the year for self-care and personal growth. 

Enjoy you all.


Sample 6

Hello team,

I know the spirit is high and the bags are packed. You all must be having a list of things to do, a bunch of people to meet, and of course a basket full of places you want to check it off this time. I just want to tell you that you guys are precious. Though I might not say this often and you might feel that I’m rude but trust me the existence of this company is because of you ll. 

This year we have fulfilled many professional goals, the company share is on all-time high and none of this would have been possible without you guys. The innovative ideas, the tireless work ad=nd the team spirit that you people show makes us stand apart. 

Get back home and enjoy time with your friends and family, I will see you all on the new year now. 


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