Good Bye Letter to Estranged Daughter: 4 Types Templates

Parents always expect children to be super successful in life. For them, nothing can be greater than the news of their daughter getting a promotion in the organization, but letting her move to another location can be extremely painful and sentimental.

Writing an appropriate goodbye letter in such a situation becomes complicated, and to help you write it, I have come up with a great sample letter, using which as a reference you can create yours smoothly with all the right words and phrases.

Template: 1

Goodbye Letter to Estranged Daughter

[ Insert the Sender’s Address]

———- [ Address Line1] ———–

———- [ Address Line 2] ————

[ Insert the Date of sending the letter]

[ Insert the Receiver’s Name]

[ Insert the Receiver’s Address]

———- [ Address Line1] ———–

———- [ Address Line 2] ————

Dear [Mr./ Mrs./ Ms./ Insert the name of the receiver]

 We could not have been happier to have heard from you that the company has promoted you to being their [ insert the position offered by the organization]. We are equally sad that you would have to move to [ insert the name of the location], for the same.

[ insert the age of the daughter] years ago, when you first came into our lives, we could not compare that joy to anything this world could offer to satisfy. We then saw you rolling for the first time, then saw you crawl, take your first baby steps, hear you say your first word, and grow so beautifully.

Since then, the pride it takes for us to call you our daughter has only gone higher and higher. Today, when we see you reach great heights, we are joyful; but what brings us more joy is that you have never failed to remain grounded in your honesty and humility.

As you leave [ insert the name of the current location], we don’t want to say goodbye, but rather a ‘see you soon. We hope for the best to come in your life, and we are proud of you

Until we meet again,

Take care,

[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

 [ Insert the contact details]

The following letter templates will give you an idea about how to write a farewell letter to your loving daughter who is going to her hostel or returning to her workplace after spending a long holiday.

You have to write your daughter’s name, your name, and your home address, how much you feel proud of her success, and what are the happy moments you will remember after her departure while writing this letter. You can also tell her to take care of herself.

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Letter Template: 2

Farewell Letter to Daughter

[Mention sender name]


Dear( Recipient name)

I am writing you this letter to adieu you. We are very happy for you, as you received the email that you have been granted [mention scholarship etc. Details] abroad. We are overwhelmed by the opportunity you got, but on the other, we are sad that you have to leave us and leave this country very soon.

We know that you are an independent and grown woman, but we cannot help but miss you being a parent.

We are a bit scared for you since you will be going to a foreign country far away from us, to a place full of strangers. But as we said, you are old now and very much capable of taking care of yourself.

Happy farewell, my love; I wish you only the best at (mention University). Be brave and intellectual. I will be proud of you no matter what. And always remember, we love you to the edge of the universe and back. May God bless you with all the love and care.

Take care of yourself always.

With all our heart

Mom and Dad

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Template: 3

If your father is going away from home due to some reasons or his company transferred him to a new place you have to say goodbye to him by writing a farewell letter. In this painful situation, our sample farewell letters will help you a lot.

You can take help from these letters while writing a farewell letter for your father.

You just need to write your name, your father’s name, residential address, the name of the place where your father will shift, and the date. You can also wish him a safe journey and a new work environment.

Goodbye Letter to Dad from Daughter

Dear Father,

I am writing this letter you with a heavy heart. As we know that you are going to [Name of The Place] for [Purpose of Going there] on [Date], it is becoming very difficult for me to say goodbye to you. So through this letter, I want to give you farewell though it is excruciating to get separated from you.

Being a father is not easy. But you have always proved yourself to be the best father in the world. You have loved me, taken care of me, and always protected me like a shield. You have even scolded me for my mistakes but have always supported me even in my misery. I can never measure your love for me.

My eyes are shedding to bid you goodbye and I know that you are feeling the same. But I know that you need to go. I don’t know how I would spend my days without hugging you once in a day. But all I want is you to be safe and healthy.  Take care of yourself. I love you.

 Have a safe journey and be happy in every moment of your life. I will count days with hopes to see you soon.

You’re loving [Son/Daughter],



Download Template :
(pdf, docs, ODT, RTF, txt, HTML, Epub, Etc)

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