Get Well Soon Letter To Employee: 4 Templates

Writing a get well soon letter to an employee meant that to show some worry for that employee who is suffering from some kind of sickness. It is your choice to write the letter in a formal format or informal format.

We have some formats which are formal and informal. You can choose as per your choice and can use those formats to write your letter, even if you don’t know how to write on this topic.

Template: 1

Get Well Soon Letter to Employee

Dear (Name of the person),

I got your leave application yesterday evening and also heard about your sickness. Health is our priority and I must say you that you should first take care of yourself. I also want to inform you that I have accepted your leave request and I will also make sure that your salary will also not get deducted for the leaves you will take for your sickness.

You should not get worried about your work as I had already assigned your part of the work among other employees. They are also comfortable in doing that work. You are a dedicated and hardworking employee. We all want you with the best of your health. Everybody around here is worried about you and talking about you.

You have not taken a single leave from the time of your joining and that shows how commitment to your work. We ensure you that you will have every kind of support you needed right now. We are always there for our employees. 

You should not worry about your job because I had already talked to the higher authority about your problems and they also agreed for extending the leave in case you want more recovery.

I hope that you will give us a piece of positive news regarding your recovery. We are eagerly waiting to hear some good news from you. Thinking of you lots and hoping for a speedy recovery.



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