A Get well soon letter to a child

Dear (Name of the person),

It’s been a month now that you are suffering from chickenpox and as its effect starts going, then you will be also fine soon. You do not have to worry because it is a disease from which every person will get infected once in a lifetime.

You are completely safe now as you are already infected. Now in the future, you will not get this disease. Initially, I was so scared about how you will manage all the things far away in the hostel. But when I talked with your mother then I was relaxed.

It was good to hear that your roommates are so supportive and they are providing you all the necessary stuff. Good things happen to good people and you are one of them. I hope that you are taking the needed precautions.

I advise you to not rub your skin despite having itching because it might leave scars on your body. I can understand that this is so irritating and especially when you have a mild fever also. We are helpless in this disease because it is usually self-treatable. You should take complete bed rest and proper diet on time.

Never skip your meal because it will give you energy. I know that you are a brave boy and will get well very soon. You should not worry about your internal exams, we will talk to your teachers regarding that.

I just hope that you will get a speedy recovery and we will come there to take you home. Take care!



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