56+ Best Friends Puns and Funny Quotes

A friend is an individual with whom we share a bond of mutual fondness. Share some hilarious and humorous friends jokes with your best buddies to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some funny friends puns.

Friends Puns and Funny Quotes

  • They are best teas for ever.
  • I adore my close mate a waffle lot.
  • We accompany each other a latte.
  • I am very mochi indebted to you for being the best companion of mine.

_ I appreciate our friend-chip.

_Sometimes, a real companion never lends his hand but his paw.

_Real companionship is when you step into your companion’s place and your wifi connects by itself. 

_A companion is like a novel. It’s not necessary to read all the pages of the novel, just choose the top ones.

_The reason why we want more from people is that we would be ready to give even more to them.

_My determination for new year is to lend my hands to all my companions to put on some pounds so I look thinner.

_What separates a “Girlfriend” and a “Girl Friend”?

The place in between known as the “Friend Zone”.

_It is never a bad idea to make companions with babies. That is a cake without charge once a year for eternity.

_It is always told by me to my new employees, don’t treat me as your leader, treat me like your companion who can kick you out from this job.

_What is the necessity of calling an individual when you can just choose where you and your companion prefer to come face to face by exchanging 100 messages?

_How did two seas make each other companions? 

By waving at each other.

_Recently I got information about a mannequin that lost its all companions because of its clothes mind.

_Red flags waved by companions when you have a horrible suggestion. True companions pick up a camera.

_I was an employee of a company named 69, my position was taken over by my friend.

_I’ve never got the pleasure of my surprise birthday gatherings because the only thing I can think about is how my companions are not bothered to conceal the truth that they are lying.

_Now that I am matured enough.  I understand that my non-existent companion was just an unreal familiarity.

_I was told to give a description in 3 words by my friend.


_Every individual has a companion who giggles funnier than he makes fun of something.

_Cults are only justifiable. Have you any clue how difficult it is to make companions as a grown-up?

_You realize you’re getting aged when you have fewer companions at your birthday celebration than candles on your birthday cake.

_My companion is in jail for flashing and it is said by him that it’s impossible for him to bare it.

_What was said by a boob to another boob? 

You are the breast companion of mine.

_My friend’s spouse is a man to me. But if the wife of my friend is gorgeous he is not my companion.

_A gorgeous girl looks nice in the background of her intelligent companion.

_It doesn’t matter what circumstance you are dealing with, you will always have your companions asking for a celebration.

_What would be brought by you for a companion qualified from Law Academy?

A law-botomy.

_My mate compelled more than 8 stitches in his butt. He was stupid enough to try to chop a fart and the blade slipped.

Companion:  I don’t want to be the reason of your boredom by telling you my issues.

Me: Nice, thanks very much. 

_My best companion and I took admission to a cooking institute together and then opened our own cafe.

I think me and my best mate are taste buds.

_I am warm-heartedly grapeful for your existence in my life my best mate.

Friends Puns

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