Follow up Letter Sample After No Response: 6 Templates

It is very often observed that while you return from the interview, you dont receive a very fast reply from the recruiter and that makes the candidate anxious. So, from the HRs of reputed organizations, it is advised that the candidate should follow up with the recruiter as they might have forgotten it and got busy.

This follow-up mail is formal in nature and usually consists of a reminder about what post you were interviewed for and when were you interviewed. This increases your chances of getting recruited as well because this shows your interest in the role.

Often it has been seen that after multiple communications through email, some companies or individuals fail to respond. It often becomes infuriating on the part of the sender. The only civilized solution is to keep on mailing the concerned person until he responds. You should use a formal tone in this letter.

Your letter should not sound condescending or derogatory. It shall be helpful if you mention the date and time of your previous communications in this regard in the letter.

Letter Template: 1

Follow up Letter Sample After No Response

Hello Mrs. Julie

I hope you are doing good! I am Thomas and was interviewed few days back for an opening in the team.

This is a follow-up mail for the interview which was conducted last week for the role of DevOps engineer.  This interview was conducted on the second floor by the team leader of the DevOps department and was dated on 3rd March 2020.

It was my second round of interviews and I must tell you that the way candidates were treated was very unique for me and It will be my pleasure to join such an organization, it will be my privilege.

I would like to say that my interview went well as I could answer most of the questions. I am looking forward to the results.

Thank you, 


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Letter Template: 2

Follow up Letter Sample After No Response

Hey Sofia, 

Much obliged to you for such a great time for meeting with me today. It was extraordinary to become familiar with your news media New24*7. I particularly making the most of your ongoing piece on EdTech new companies and imparted it to my associations right now. 

I recall you referenced searching for columnists, and I’d love to add to your site. I’ve been expounding on security and information insurance for a long time, and my articles showed up on the BBC Network. Here is the rundown of my best messages: [link]. 

I have a couple of article thoughts for News24*7, and I’d love to talk about them with you. OK prefer to meet toward the week’s end? 

Best respects 


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Letter Template: 3

Follow up Email Sample After No Response

Dear Ms. Owekwe,

Much obliged to you for setting aside the effort to talk with me about the campaign organizer job. It was incredible to meet with you and become familiar with the position. 

I’m amped up for the chance to join Horizon Marketing and am especially inspired by the subtleties you shared about the up-and-coming dispatch of the brand battle. I’m excited about the possibility of taking on a portion of the task on the board and acquiring my experience effectively organizing cross-practical activities to the table. 

After our discussion, I’m sure that my experience in showcasing and my enthusiasm for brand development will empower me to fill the activity necessities successfully and bolster the vision of Horizon. If it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to reach me on the off chance that I can furnish you with any additional data or tests of my work. I anticipate getting a notification from you. 

Much obliged once more, 

James Mendeley


[email protected]

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Letter Template: 4

No Response Follow up Email Sample

Dear Mr. Jefferson, 

Much thanks for your time yesterday—it was a joy talking with you about the office executive job. From our discussion, obviously, ABC Inc. has a lively and dedicated condition I’m chasing. 

I am particularly delighted in talking about your requirement for somebody who can make worth and knowledge during customer discussions. It’s a fascinating test, and I’ve kept thinking about it since our gathering. In the course of the most recent couple of years, I’ve experienced huge numbers of similar barriers we examined: fixing customer spending plans and extensive dynamic procedures.

Organizing the nature of the discussion, over essentially conveying data, has been one of my best strategies in beating those detours and one explanation I’ve routinely surpassed my portions. 

In my associations with customers, I center around building trust and boosting believability, and I’m amped up for the possibility of bringing that range of abilities to ABC Inc. In the event that you need any additional data, if it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by email or telephone. 

Much obliged once more, 

Herry Hathaway



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Letter Template: 5

Dear Yesenia, 

I trust you’re well! I’m following up on the content writer’s job. It was incredible to meet with the group prior and I’m anticipating your update. Kindly let me know whether there’s anything else I can give to aid the dynamic procedure.

Being interviewed in an organization that is the market leader and being interviewed by such a  learned council of members I feel that if I get to join the team I will get the right platform to learn and apply my skills. I am eagerly waiting for the results to come and wish that it turns out positive.

Much obliged to you, 

Rachel Cole 


[email protected] 

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Letter Template: 6

Dear Ms. Smith: 

Much obliged to you for removing the time from your bustling calendar to converse with me about the Senior Programmer Analyst position with CMS Office Supplies. I value your time and consideration in talking to me for this position. 

In the wake of talking with you and the gathering, I accept that I would be an ideal contender for this position, offering the brisk learning and flexibility that is required for an enhanced position. 

Notwithstanding my eagerness for performing great, I would bring the specialized and expository abilities important to take care of business. 

I am keen on working for you and anticipate getting a notification from you once an official conclusion is made with respect to this position. It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to get in touch with me whenever if additional data is required. My mobile phone number is 908765789. 

Much obliged to you again for your time and consideration. 


Joseph Q. Candidate (signature printed copy letter)

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