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Follow up Email Samples – 6 Best Format Templates

A follow-up letter is an amiable method to know the status of your job application, interview or meeting, and periodic service or sales. The letter has importance in the underlying phases of any business relationship.

The letter will show thankfulness for the prior experience and look for a route forward. For instance, on the off chance that you have met a business agent in a public exhibition and talked about a business deal, the letter could go about as an acknowledgment letter to sign an arrangement with the business delegate. 

Follow up email for different situations samples

Sample 1: Job Application Follow-Up Letter

Dear XYZ,

I presented a letter of application and a resume prior this month for the software engineer position promoted in the Times of India. Until this point in time, I have not gotten notification from your office. I might want to affirm receipt of my application and repeat my enthusiasm for the activity.

I am extremely keen on working at your Company and I accept my abilities and experience would be a perfect counterpart for this position.

In the event that fundamental, I would be happy to resend my application materials or to give any additional data you may require in regards to my bid. I can be reached at 9898989898 or [email protected] I anticipate got notification from you.

Much obliged to you for your consideration.

Yours truly


Sample 2: Job interview follow-up letter

Dear XYZ,

It was entirely charming to talk with you about the position of Project Manager at the XYZ Agency. The activity, as you introduced seems to be an awesome counterpart for my aptitudes and interests. The inventive way to deal with account management of the board that you portrayed affirmed my desire to work with you. 

I comprehend your requirements for managerial support. My detail direction and hierarchical abilities will assist with liberating you to manage bigger issues. I fail to make reference to during my meeting that I had worked for two summers as a brief office specialist. This experience helped me to build up my secretarial and administrative aptitudes. 

I value the time you took to talk with me. I am keen on working for you and anticipate got notification from you about this position.

Yours Sincerely. 


Sample 3: After-sales follow-up letter

Dear XYZ,

I need to pass on our earnest gratitude to you for allowing us a chance to serve you. It was genuinely an incredible chance to work with you and we truly appreciated every one of our preservations. I might want to state that it was our incredible joy that you picked us for our products. 

We might want to carry it to your notification that your order has been received and it will be conveyed to you in two or three days. All the items were assorted as you needed and were packed appropriately in the cases. On delivery, if you discover any issue, kindly inform us. We will attempt to determine the issue with a quick attempt. 

We put stock in making great and everlasting business relations and constantly needed to serve the best to our customers. We trust that you will be happy with our administration and will give us more possibilities later on to serve you. 

We would like to hear from you soon.

Thank you


Sample 4: After Quote follow-up letter

Mr. XYZ,

After providing you the citations of our new products and for our most recent embellishments on (date), we have not heard anything from you about your best course of action to serve your necessities. 

We are always here to support you so that you can choose the best and with our creative architects, economic analysts and experienced staff, you can have confidence that your necessities will be met in a superior manner.

If there is any issue of estimating or whatever another factor that is keeping us from picking up your business, we can have a conversation about it with the goal that we will know how we can serve you. 

As we have just referenced that our products are among the top accessories here in Mumbai, so you can have confidence about the quality as our witticism is to give only the best to our customers. 

We are searching for your positive and kind reaction to stride ahead for a solid business connection.

Thank you.


Sample 5: Periodic Service Follow-up Letter

Dear sir/madam,

This is in continuation of our letter dated (date) in which we informed you that the AMC number (AMC Number) of the (name of the item) having a model number (model of product) is terminating on (date). 

Since we have not yet got an affirmation from your conclusion to renew the AMC, we are composing this subsequent letter. We would ask you to please regard this suggestion on an urgent basis and recharge the AMC most recent by (date) failing which any issue with our item will be fixed on payment according to our norms. 

It would be ideal if you don’t hesitate to call our delegates at the numbers given underneath for any explanations. 

We anticipate got notification from you at the most punctual. 

Best Regards.


Sample 6: Complaint follow-up letter

Dear (Name),

This is regarding the complaint we got from the client about the flawed product (name of the item). The letter is dated (date) and the client’s name is (name). As indicated by the complaint she had bought the item two months ago from one of our outlets.

This client had kept composition to us a few times and she is troubled pretty much for this. 

I have full confidence that you can tackle the issue. It would be ideal if you investigate the issue and catch up with the client. I am certain that you know the consumer’s loyalty is our need as we see. I need you to amend this grievance as quickly as time permits.

I have guaranteed her that this will be resolved within seven days. Kindly call up the client and guide her about the means taken to determine the issue and how soon you can give her an answer. 

If you don’t mind keep me informed about the advancements. 

Yours Truly

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