51+ Best Fire Puns and Funny Quotes

By the name of fire, as much as we find it useful, we find it dreadful as well. But these puns on fire will surely make you laugh harder. These puns are not at all serious like fire actually sounds. In fact they will help to lighten the moment.

Fire Puns and Funny Quotes

  • I heard that the shoe factory caught fire and more than thousand soles got burned in it.
  • A kayak cannot be heated. No matter how cold it is outside, if you set up a fire in the craft, it will start sinking.
  • Yesterday the people got involved in a heated argument regarding their opinion on house fire.
  • A fire broke out in the grocery shop and it was such a close shave. No one was hurt but then, people said that it was a really close coal.
  • The employees messed up with the task of a fire break out and they were fired by their head immediately.
Fire Puns

_As soon as the fire fighters saw the church on fire, they exclaimed, ‘holy smoke!’

_A press conference was held between the family of water and ice. The family of fire threw a huge number of burning questions to the family of water.

_A match is almost similar to that of a context which is usually held by the firefighters.

_That girl was fired by her boss from hot dog shop claiming that she had put her hair in bun.

_The mathematicians who are organic have the knowledge of putting natural logs in the fire place.

_I always want to put my trouser into fire but then again I am a person who cannot see my britches burning.

_What is the difference between a soldier and a private employee? The soldier is afraid of firing but the private employee is not.

 _By giving a man some fire, he can warm himself for some time. But if you light fire on him, he will warm himself the rest of his life. 

Fire Puns

_The calendar factory fired the employee because he took a day off.

_Can you employ your cook to become your accountant? No, because your cook may cook up all the books of accounting and then you will have to fire them.

_When I gifted a fire extinguisher to my friend, he was so delighted to see it.

_When they threw the 70’s records into the fire, all of it became disco inferno.

_Yesterday, I was actually searching for something online that can light a fire. But unfortunately, the search engine showed that, ‘no matches found’.

_If you are researching or thinking about who might have invented the fire, perhaps it has been invented by someone with a bright spark.

_One of my friend, found his partner on match.com. He already loved fires so much.

_Yesterday, I was sleeping like a log in front of my fire place.

_Just the thought of walking on a path of coal dreads me so much that I start developing cold feet.

_The studio was on fire today. Soon the fire department arrived and started finding the cause and they started laughing after finding out that it was due to a mix tape.

_Since he had sideburns, nobody was able to hug him.

_When the building was on fire, I saw a man who started taking out the stairs. When people asked him why he was doing so, he answered that there was a notice saying, ‘in case of a fire take the stairs’.

_When a sole is on fire, it becomes a really powerful weapon.

_The head of the department threatened all those who had a bad posture. I already had a hunch that he would fire me.

_My boss fired me because I was too putting in a lot of shifts. You know, manufacturing keyboards is not that easy.
_My fire arm is not illegal but nobody seems to believe me.
_The fire fighters held a contest yesterday and named it ‘the match’.

_The chief of the fire department kept asking some burning questions to all the fire men.

_Fire fighters never die because they always do asbestos they are capable of doing.

Fire Puns

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