A Letter of Termination for Fighting at The Workplace

Dear (Name of the person),

This is to inform you that your contract of employment with this company is terminated because of the misconduct which took place in the office campus by you two employees of the company. The small issue has turned into a huge fight which spoils the whole environment of the working place. It is against the rules and regulations of the company. Being an HR, I have to be harsh this time and have to take this decision of termination. I got a call from higher authorities and ask to take such decisions as it is in the favor of the company. This fight was not expected to take place at this level. It is for the sake of the reputation of the company that we have to take this step. 

I want to inform you that committee members have decided that you will not receive the salary for the last month which you work for. There is no biasedness between you two people and the same actions are taken against both of you. It is advised that both of you should report early morning in the office and take part in the meeting which will help at 10 a.m. 

Everyone in the office is so disappointed with the behavior which was shown by you two. Such kind of acts is not expected from the mature employees. I hope it will bring some teachings in your life and you will learn a lot of things after this mishappening. Hoping to see you tomorrow.



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