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A Farewell Speech for Colleague Template

I want to say Good evening everyone on this special day.

 As we all know that we all have gathered here tonight to give and celebrate a nice farewell party to Mr… He is going to join another company in the abroad by leaving us and our company today.

It is not easy for me to give this farewell speech in front of everyone present here for my very close colleague. It is a tough task to give farewell to any good friend and supporter of your life. Mr … is my best colleague for many years from the year of (details).

We have spent many special moments together which would be treasured in my heart for my entire life. He is going to another company by leaving us and his country to further improve his future and life.

When I heard for the first time that he is going to leave our company and us I could not brought me to believe those words, after a long period of time I realized that it is true.

My dear colleagues and friends, you cannot believe that how sad I became after hearing this message for the first time. I still remember that it was his long cherished dream to work in the best company in this field, and he was very confident about achieving his dream within some years.

Working in that company was my colleague’s ultimate goal and I would like to see off him with a big and happy smile, not with a sad face. I can promise him today that he would be in my mind forever and will also request him to not forget us and our friendship.

My best wishes are always with you in every aspect of your life, go ahead and try your skills and talents in another area.

God has given you a new chance in your life to start afresh and change your way and style of life in the future. There are very few people who can get this chance like you in their entire life.

We are ready to give you our full support and best wishes to you to achieve your dreams at any point. We all are really very thrilled and also feel very proud by having such a talented and gifted colleague like you.

I believe you and your hard works and loyalty towards your company will positively lead you towards your goal with great success. You have all the important skills and important characteristics as well as professional experiences to prove yourself in your good works in the coming days.

You know very well the secret to manage difficult tasks in this competitive environment and solve various difficulties and problems effectively in a very efficient manner.

He has made our works in this institution and the functioning more organized and less tough by implementing various plans which we were unable to implement. His all the hard works and great efficiency helped our company to move successfully each and every day. 

I really thank you all once again for your time.

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